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Dragon Ball Super: This is the official fusion of Beerus and Whis that we really want to see in the anime.

dragon ball super: this is the official fusion of beerus

The two should perform the fusion dance.

In Dragon Ball Super Beerus, the god of destruction, and his advisor Whis play an important role. The two characters are extremely powerful and can even destroy entire planets. But what if the two characters merged?

An official drawing from the Dragon Ball Fusions video game shows what one of the most powerful characters in the anime and manga series would look like.


Dragon Ball Fusions features merging of Beerus and Whis

In Dragon Ball Fusions it is possible to perform over 700 possible fusions. Since Dragon Ball artist Akira Toriyama has already confirmed that the fusion dance can fuse all characters together, the wildest combinations can be tried out here.

What does the merger of Beerus and Whis look like? Also among the merged characters is a combination of Whis and Beerus. Since the mangaka approved the drawings for the video game, this is an official fusion of the two, which could also appear in the anime:

The combination of Whis and Beerus bears the name whirus. In the Fusion, Beerus’ feline face prevails. However, the Fusion character gets bluish skin and hair on their ears. Beerus appears to lose his claws in the merger and take Whis’s hands.


Would the merger in Dragon Ball be conceivable? The EX-Fusion is used as the fusion technique. This is an extension of fusion dance performed using a Metamo ring developed by Bluma. So the fusion would be theoretically possible, since it can be applied to all characters.

So far, however, there hasn’t been a situation in the manga and anime in which Beerus and Whis should have merged. If at some point the God of Destruction and his advisor need to merge, we can look forward to the above depiction.

This is how the merger works

In order to fuse together, Beerus and Whis would need to perform the fusion dance. This is a technique in which the user must carry out three steps as synchronously as possible in order to merge with one another.

  • Step 1: The practitioners shout “Fu” and stretch out their arms in opposite directions
  • Step 2: The users yell “sion” and approach each other, moving their arms in an arc towards each other
  • Step 3: Users shout “HAAA” and touch their fingertips together

The idea of ​​such powerful characters as Whis and Beerus having to perform the dance is hilarious. Who knows: maybe one day we’ll see such a situation in the manga or anime where the two have to merge into one.

What do you think of the desEsports Extrasof the merged version of Beerus and Whis?