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Dragon Ball Super x Fortnite: Goku, Vegeta and more skins now available

Although things had already been leaking, the new crossover of Fortnite Battle Royale has been one of the most anticipated… and it has already officially started. Dragon Ball Super x Fortnite is already a factand as soon as the scheduled maintenance you can do with four Dragon Ball skinsas well as hang gliders, harvesting tools, and a new mythic weapon.

Here we tell you all about the new items and how to get them:

Dragon Ball Super x Fortnite: skins, hang gliders, spikes, weapons and how to get them

As we could see in the leaked trailer ahead of time, which is the one you can see on these lines from the official channel, we can buy 4 skins with their own styles, in addition to the usual backpacking accessories, hang gliders and spikes:

We have Gokuavailable with the additional styles of Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct. Also, you have the built-in gesture Ki Accumulation for Son Goku.

You can also buy at Vegetawhich has the additional styles of Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan Blue Evolved. Like Goku, he also has a integrated Ki Accumulation gesture.

Dragon Ball Super X Fortnite - Vegeta Promotional Image

bulma also arrives at the Battle Island ready to stand up to the tricksters. In addition to his style with a white t-shirt and a red scarf around his neck, he has the additional style Lab Coat.

Dragon Ball Super X Fortnite - Bulma Promo Image

And finally we meet Beerus, which has no additional styles. But come on, who needs extra skins when you’re a god of destruction, right?

Dragon Ball Super X Fortnite - Beerus Promo Image

In section backpacking accessories we have the Nyoibo magic staff (which we can also use as a beak), the oracle fish and the hermit tortoise shell.

Dragon Ball Super X Fortnite - Backpacking Accessories Promotional Image

Finally, we have various spikes and hang gliders: the Nyoibo magic staff, as we said above, is a pickaxe as well as a backpack. We also have as collection tools the Turtle Hermit Rod. The Kintoun flying cloud arrives like hang glidingas well as the space capsule of the Saiyans. Finally, we have some gestures new, such as ki accumulation that we have mentioned, ki empowerment and the Fusion!the well-known dance that gives rise to Gotenks and Gogeta… although in Fortnite will have no effect.

Dragon Ball Super X Fortnite - Promotional image of the spikes

Of course all these elements can be purchased in various packs with which you will save paVos.

In addition to these items that can be boughtone arrives new mythic weapon: the kamehameha, one of Goku’s most characteristic abilities in the series. Like so many others, the weapon it is obtained randomly on the Battle Island, and will cause the opponents to panic as soon as they hear the charge animation.

Dragon Ball Super event: content and rewards

In addition to the items that we can buy in the Item Shop, we also there will be a series of events with whom you can get free rewards. Here are the details about it:

  • Of August 16 to September 17: festival of Dragon Ball Super episodes. Search for the cruise from the Discover menu to enjoy selected chapters of Dragon Ball Super.
  • From the August 19: access to adventure island with locations and activities related to Dragon Ball, such as Kami’s palace, Son Goku’s house, and the training room known as the Corner of Soul and Time.
Dragon Ball Super X Fortnite - Dragon Ball Adventure Island Promotional Image

  • The August 18th will take place on tournament of power. Participate in the competitive lists event and if you manage to qualify, you can get the Angry Vegeta Emoticonthe Goku Kanji Banner Icon and the Graffiti Beerus eating.
  • Finally, you can get the dragon Shenron as a hang glider totally free. Tennis up to August 30th to complete the seven new quest sets that have as final reward this new hang glider surfer.
Dragon Ball Super X Fortnite - Shenron Glider Promo Image

Remember that, if you want to get hold of the characters and different elements of Dragon Ball Superyou should do it as soon as possible. Although items in the Item Shop are always on rotation, there is no way to know when the items you want to get will be available again.

Be careful because this is far from the last event crossover it’s from the season. There are not a few players who noticed that music charts have been monopolized by Eminem, the well-known singer. At Epic Games they do not stitch without thread, so we can count on having a new collaboration in the form of skins or a concert soon.


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