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Dragon Ball: This was the reason Piccolo redeemed himself in the movie

This article will contain spoilers…

Dragon Ball: This was the reason Piccolo redeemed himself in the movie

Dragon Ball Super has had several “contradictions” against the original canon, but perhaps the biggest lie came from the mouth of Piccolo in the classic saga that directly involves Gohan, the son of Goku, although at the time it was not intentional at the time. Before continuing, we recommend that you read the last chapters of this work that can be found available on the MangaPlus by Shueisha online service, as we will cover some major spoilers.

In Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball chapter 198, Goku’s long-lost brother Raditz comes down to Earth and kidnaps Gohan as a way to force Goku to join him and his fellow Saiyans on their missions to conquer planets in all the universe. When Goku tries to stop Raditz, the evil Saiyan incapacitates Goku with a single punch and then leaves with Goku’s son without further interruption. Little did the Z Fighters know that Piccolo was watching the entire interaction from out of sight and made his presence known after Raditz left..

dragon ball super piccolo

Piccolo’s comment about how little he cared about Gohan in Dragon Ball was the character’s biggest lie.

Even though the last time the Z Fighters saw Piccolo was when the Namekian was an active villain, Piccolo offered his help in defeating Raditz and getting Gohan back., support that Goku kindly received. However, as they worked together, Piccolo made it clear early on that he still worked for his arch-rival Goku, and that he was only working with him to defeat a common enemy, going so far as to say, “… I don’t care if your son lives or dies…”

Looking back at this chapter from where the series is now in the current Dragon Ball Super continuity, it’s clear to see that Piccolo said he didn’t care about Gohan, though surely at least part of it was true at the time, became the biggest lie. in the franchise. After Goku and Piccolo successfully kill Raditz and save Gohan, Goku tragically succumbs to the injuries he sustained in battle and dies. Rather than return Gohan to his mother, Piccolo took him in and trained him in the ways of survival and intense martial arts, but their time together arguably had more of an impact on Piccolo than Gohan.

where to watch dragon ball super super hero

In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, we will see Gohan and Piccolo again as the two protagonists, just as they had the opportunity to show themselves in the Cell saga in Dragon Ball Z.

In a later chapter, when Piccolo sacrificed himself to save Gohan, Piccolo admitted that Gohan made him feel loved in a world that hated and feared him.which was enough to inspire Piccolo to abandon his evil ways and become an official hero of Earth.

Piccolo achieves his redemption in Dragon Ball Super

Piccolo’s redemption arc is one of great complexity originating over a hundred years before the events of Dragon Ball Super begin.. A long time ago, an unnamed Namek wanted to ascend to the role of Earth God or ‘Kami’ and to do so, he needed to expel every ounce of evil within his soul. When the Namekian got rid of the evil within himself, that evil manifested itself in another Namekian named King Piccolo, who became hell-bent on corrupting the world. Before he could do so, Piccolo was captured and imprisoned in a mystical containment vessel for over a century until the day he was freed during the events of Dragon Ball. While King Piccolo was defeated by Goku before he could cause too much damage to the world, he produced an egg containing the reincarnated form of him which was also called ‘Piccolo’. However, this version of Piccolo was not as evil as the original, although he was determined to get revenge on Goku for killing his past self. However, his determination was shaken when a greater threat descended from the stars.

dragon ball super super hero white gohan

Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo are the two new transformations present in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and it places them at the same level of power as Goku and Vegeta.

Not only did Piccolo drop his villainous gimmick and become a hero, he also legitimately became a member of Goku and Gohan’s family.. In Dragon Ball Super, Piccolo became so involved in Gohan’s immediate family that he was basically full-time babysitter for Gohan’s daughter Pan, and he loved her job. Fans can easily see how much Piccolo has changed throughout his Dragon Ball career. He grew to be very fond of Gohan, which made his earlier statement that he didn’t care if Gohan lived or died, the biggest lie in franchise history as it was with Gohan. other villains.


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