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Dragon Ball: Who do you think is the best Saiyan of all time?

dragon ball: who do you think is the best saiyan

Vote for your favorite Saiyan and tell us in the comments why you chose him or her! You have a total of five votes that you can give.


Note on the survey: In order not to overload the selection of characters, we have limited ourselves to the most famous and important Saiyans from the Dragon Ball universe – regardless of their Saiyan levels and alignments.

We also count prominent mergers like Gogeta as well as non-pure-blood Saiyans like Trunks. The list is not complete though, there are many more Saiyans. So if your favorite Saiyan is missing, feel free to name him or her in the comments.


From Son Goku to Broly – The Saiyans are a powerful people

The Saiyans from the planet Vegeta are among the most powerful extraterrestrial peoples of all. And should their already great power not be enough in battle, they can transform into Super Saiyans or fuse to become even stronger.

As the protagonist of the manga/anime series, Son Goku is without question the most famous Saiyan of them all, but is he also the most popular?

After all the chapters and episodes in which we were allowed to witness how Son Goku grew older and stronger, we also got to know numerous other Saiyajins, who sometimes spoke more and sometimes less well to our protagonist. ,


From Son Goku’s son, Son Gohan, to the legendary Broly, to fused Saiyans like Gotenks (Son Goten and Trunks), they all have their own quirks, strengths, and weaknesses.

That’s why we want to know from you which Saiyan you like best – regardless of how strong he or she is. So take part in our survey and tell us your top 5 in the comments.