Dragon Ball Z Kakarot presents the trailer for its new DLC, set in the World Tournament

dragon ball z kakarot presents the trailer for its new

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot presents the trailer for its new DLC, set in the World Tournament

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Bandai Namco has introduced trailer of the DLC5 “Chaos in the World Tournament” of Dragon Ball Z Kakarotcontent that is already available for this role-playing and action game in the universe of dragonball. The title is for sale on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

This DLC allows you to experience Goku’s youth and enter the combat arena to relive the epic battles of the original work. That means the abilities of the characters are adjusted to the strength and techniques of the protagonists before Dragon Ball Zwith limited use of ki and cannot fly during fights.

“They will have to use their skills and be resourceful to win the competition. Although they will be able to enjoy the main fights inside the arena, they will also be able to explore the surroundings, discover new side quests and unlock more exclusive game content“, says the editor. It is the second DLC of the season pass 2 after Bardok Alone Against Fate.

How is Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot It is one of the games of this legendary manga that we have enjoyed the most. Not only does it perfectly capture its story and make us live it like never before, but it also has a very unique charm that makes it a very special experience and highly recommended for any fan looking for a new approach to this type of adaptation. He is far from perfect and has certain little problems that prevent him from achieving greatnessbut that does not prevent it from being a spectacular adventure, which is always fun and which is played with a smile from ear to ear on your face”, we commented at the time in our analysis. Remember that you have our complete guide at hand.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot new DLC from the beginning of Dragon Ball

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