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Drake appears with a gold PSP in his latest video clip: It costs almost $ 20,000


Drake appears with a gold PSP in his latest video clip: It costs almost $ 20,000

If you thought that Queen Elizabeth II was the only one who had a solid gold video console, you were very wrong: the rapper Drake He has just released a new video clip, the one for his song Jumbotron Shit Poppinand in it he can be seen holding a 14 karat gold PSP, among other luxury products. The most curious of all is that this console has not been commissioned by Drake himself, but was owned by another well-known singer until January of last year.

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Below you can see the exact moment of the video clip from Drake in which this peculiar console can be seen (although before, around second 0:50, it also appears fleetingly):

How much is Drake’s gold PSP worth?

This unique personalized version of the PSP has a 14-carat gold casing, which in addition to its value also increases its weight (specifically up to 659.7 grams). What is most striking is its price, which, of course, is not affordable for all budgets: the last buyer of the console, who we assume is the rapper Drake, bought it for a total of $19,375.

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We know this information because the console It was previously owned by singer Pharrell Williams, but he put it up for sale at his own auction house, where it was acquired in January of last year. Thanks to its product sheet, we know that the PSP was ordered together with a custom case that is also included in the almost 20,000 dollars they have paid for the PSP. Of course, in its description it warns that the machine It has “use marks”especially in the rear.

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