Dreame R10, full review and analysis in Spanish

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dreame r10, full review and analysis in spanish

If robot vacuums aren’t made for you, or your pocket, the review of the Dream R10 that we have in hand today can be really interesting for you. And it is that before us we have a 2 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner with a very elegant and well finished desEsports Extrasthat has a 20kPa suction power and a weight of less than 2 kg to minimize the effort of deep cleaning the floor of the house, or even the carpets.

Dream R10

Technical specifications of the Dreame R10

Dream R10
Guy Cordless 2 in 1
Technology cyclonic
120,000 RPM brushless motor
Power 350W (3 levels)
Suction: 120 AW
Atmospheric pressure: 20 kPa
Filtration 99.9% with 5 stages
Ability 600 ml dust container
Autonomy interchangeable lithium battery
7 x 2,500mAh – 17,500mAh
Autonomy: 60 minutes
Charging time: 3.5 hours approx.
Weight 1.65kg

Packaging and Accessories

We begin the review of the Dream R10 before the elongated box that perfectly protects it during its journey to our house. The packaging itself already shows that the product is of quality, also keeping inside all the components very well organized with cardboard that separates and protects them.

inner packing

Dreame R10 - Accessory

On the one hand, we find the user manual and some safety recommendations, as well as the current transformer to charge its battery and a comfortable Wall bracket It also includes the plugs and screws to fix it.

DesEsports Extrasand features of the Dreame R10

Dreame R10 - Components

Once we unpack all the components, we can continue the review of the Dream R10 already with all of them in front of us.

Dreame R10 - 3/4 View

Focusing first on the vacuum cleaner itself, we find ourselves before a very compact module made of very high quality matt white plastic. It perfectly combines its color with ocher and gold details, as well as a black upper area that, unlike other models, does not have a screen.

Dreame R10 - Top View

A detail that speaks in its favor is that it has a weight of only 1.65 kgso it is very comfortable and manageable for day to day.

The Dream R10 count with one 350W brushless cyclone motor that reaches 120,000 RPM to achieve a 120 AW suction power with a atmospheric pressure of 20 kPa.

Dreame R10 - Rear Side

On the rear side, it has a selector that allows you to choose between three levels of suction, perfect if we do not need maximum power and want greater autonomy. In addition, we have a button for complete shutdown and a charging connector in the lower area of ​​the grip itself.

Dreame R10 - Front side

Dreame R10 - Removable Battery

At the base, we find a exchangeable lithium battery that offers a total capacity of 17,500 mAh thanks to 7 cells of 2,500 mAh. In this way, it promises a maximum autonomy of 60 minutes, although obviously at the minimum suction level. Of course, we must take into account that the battery charging time is 3.5 hours approximately, so it is better to leave it regularly charging so as not to find it unloaded when we need it most.

Dreame R10 - Dust container

The Dream R10 offers a 600 ml dust container easy to open, with just one click, to which the dirt will stop after passing through a system of 5 stage filtration what promises filter 99.9% of absorbed particles.

Dreame R10 - Rotating brushes

Focusing on what we could consider accessories, we find ourselves before a V-shaped rotary brush of ample dimensions and other compact motorized brush with rubber bristles ideal for upholstery.

Dreame R10 - Brushes and extender

In addition, we have an extension tube that allows us to use the vacuum cleaner as a handheld or floor model. We also have a brush with flexible cells and twist to better reach corners and other brush that can be used with or without cellsperfect for areas where it is not necessary to feel so delicate.

The best of the Dream R10 is that, with its modularity, it allows you to use all of them with or without the extender, so we have a wide variety of possibilities for all kinds of cleaning needs.

Dreame R10 - Assembly with brush and extender



We begin the tests for the review of the Dream R10 Configured with the extension tube and the wide brush, ideal for vacuuming all the dirt on the floor. I have to say that clean a floor of about 90 m2 it’s really fast and easy, because the ability to rotate the brush means that we can move it around the house with ease, turning as we please. We have verified how it sucks up small stones and even a building block that had been thrown on the ground. Therefore, at least in my case, I must always check the deposit so that I don’t throw something that I shouldn’t into the trash. Also, note that the 600 ml tank allows several complete cleanings of a housealthough it is better to empty it every time to keep it clean.

tests 2

Configured in its short version with the upholstery brush, we have been able to verify how it removes all the mijitas that can accumulate on a daily basis, also being ideal for car upholstery and mats.

tests 3

Of course, for the car it is equally necessary to use the longitudinal nozzle, with the fibers collected, to be able to reach all corners and collect both the grit and the stones that we find on its way. I have to say that the suction capacity of the Dreame R10 is perfect at maximum power, with very good results, although obviously in the lowest suction modes it will not remove as much dirt in complicated environments as the one in the previous image.

tests 4

A common detail in this type of device and that we can verify during the review of the Dream R10 It is that it has a front LED light. We can thus illuminate the dirt that we are going to vacuum, something very good to see what is going to be found ahead. If we pass it again, surely we no longer see anything.

Finally, we must note that, although they promise a 60-minute autonomy, in practice this is reduced to about 25-30 minutes if we use the maximum suction mode. It depends on the needs of each one to choose one mode or another, but personally I prefer the most powerful mode and thus avoid leaving any dirt, even if I later have to charge it after each use.

Conclusions of the Dreame R10

Dreame R10 - View from above

We conclude the review of the Dream R10 stressing that we are before one of the best 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner models that we can find in the market. And it is that the Dreame R10 offers a high quality materials and finishes that is far from the cheapest models, also offering good accessories for all cleaning needs and one great suction capacity.

We can find the Dream R10 for sale on Amazon for 229 euros, a price that may seem somewhat high compared to the simpler models, which are around half their price. However, they do not offer the same performance and quality, since we are talking about a model that more, well, competes with those of Dyson than with the others.

Main advantages
+ Excellent quality of materials and finishes
+ Very good suction capacity with 3 manual levels
+ Light weight and very manageable, both in the hand and extended
+ Good cleaning accessories
+ Correct autonomy, up to 60 minutes, 25 at the maximum
+ Tank with 0.6 liter capacity
+ Includes wall mount
Negative Aspects
Price somewhat high, but it is a top model
Other Aspects
* Cyclonic technology with brushless motor

from the The Computer Tinkerer we grant him the Platinum Award vacuum cleaner Dream R10.

Platinum Award

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