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CS:GO DreamHack Masters Spring Championship 2021 BIG Clan Chance



16 teams competed in two sets of competitions for the DreamHack Masters Championship: Spring. The BIG clan is part of him and must fight against many of the best lineups on his team. How did Tabhan Wardarz and his colleagues perform in this competition?

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The Counter-Strike scene has seen constant opportunities, especially during Covid! If a team topped the list a month ago, then today’s best three-player game against HAVU is just as good. This is what happened with Virtus. pro. After entering the final of IEM Katowice (IEM Katowice), they withdrew early from the game at Funspark ULTI. They faced the shaky FaZe team and still managed to play close matches with OG. In Group A, they can also be against Gambit, who managed to maintain his level after IEM Katowice. In the professional ESL league, even if they lost to Heroic, they also reached the final. In BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown, they managed to correct the problem and avenge the Danes. Therefore, they have returned to be the favorites of this tournament, but there are more senior players here. G2 e-sports will have to overcome the team spirit again, they have been defeated in the duel. But these maps are very close, so there is no guarantee that they will appear again this time. Natus Vincere faced the same difficult situation when facing mouse sports. Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and his men have been through a difficult test for several months. In fact, s1mple is still playing his own game, but the other team members can’t keep up. Even though Mousesport struggled, they were quickly eliminated.

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The most striking is undoubtedly the shape of Nikolai’s Reedtz “device”. The legendary Dane completed four major victories with Astralis and instead left the organization. He has been here for more than five years. But as the device heads towards the ninja in pajamas, it gets even crazier! However, the team has Flashpoint 3 as their first game, so we will await its debut. Obviously, this dealt a severe blow to Astralis. Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen will take on the role of AWPer, and Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen will temporarily join the active roster. In terms of roles, this is a major shakeup, and Lukas’ “Happy” (Rossander) must try to get everything back to normal. Only time will tell if he truly lives up to this feat or if he has a chance to compete with companies like Heroic and Gambit. Extra Salt raced to the finish in the Funspark ULTI final against BIG and won ASAP here.


It can be said that no one expects Extra Salt to reach the final together with BIG. However, the Germans are not contenders for the title either, because “complexity” and were originally part of the equation. After the team has recorded trivial and inconsistent results in recent months, it seems that they are finally starting to improve. After winning the Evil Genie victories, Complexity, HAVU, forZe, and Extra Salt all have some salvation, but if they really want to fight Gambit and Heroic they still have a long way to go. The same goes for vitality. A series of poor results made them the choice to play for Cédric “RpK” Guipouy. Jayson “Kyojin” Nguyen Van is undertaking a daunting task and has almost no time to warm up for DreamHack Masters: Spring. To make matters worse, complexity is your first opponent. Even if Benjamin Bremer (BremF) and Bremer (Bremer) fail to maintain consistent performance, they can still withstand the diminished vitality. The best team. Will Astralis appear in a decent way? Can Vitality achieve any goals with the new fifth person? Or has BIG finally come back to the top?

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