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Dredge’s Lovecraftian Fishing Adventure Leaves Safe Harbor on March 30 | we are xbox

On February 3, Team17 and Black Salt announced that Dredge, a title described as a “sinister fishing adventure», It will arrive on March 30 on PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Switch, PS5 and PS4. They also notified that pre-order dates will be announced soon. If you like everything related to the world of Lovecraft, we would like to remind you that the Lovecraftian The Last Case of Benedict Fox is coming to Xbox Game Pass.


However, the opportunity to captain a fishing boat in waters teeming with creatures from Lovecraftian mythology It is, of course, a bet that seduces many of us. And this is precisely what Black Salt Games offers us with its debut title. In that sense, Dredge seeks to integrate the primal forces in a way that, at least in the realm of video games, had not been done. In other words, Dredge takes advantage of the Lovecraftian tradition from another angle and that must be recognized.

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lovecraftian dredge fishing

Dredge’s Lovecraftian Fishing Mixes RPG, Exploration And Sanity System

Black Salt Games’ debut feature puts us in the role of a fisherman embarking on the task of exploring a remote archipelago forgotten by God in order to, excuse the redundancy, fish and find lost treasures. In that archipelago we will find, in addition to many horrors, a gallery of characters that will act as merchants, mission givers and more. Also, how can it be otherwise with a game that uses said mythology, we will have a sanity system. And yes, the imperative to mentally strengthen our character will play an important role, as it will help us endure the horrors that await at sea.

“In DREDGE, you put on the boots of a down-on-his-luck fisherman and explore a collection of remote islands while exploring the surrounding depths in search of a variety of fish and valuable deep-sea curiosities. Once your trawler is full, sell your loot as you complete quests and discover more about the peculiar inhabitants of each area. Strengthen your vessel, your skills and your knowledge to dig deeper and reach more remote lands, but keep a close eye on the weather. You may not like what finds you in the dark.” describes the most recent post shared via Steam by Black Salt Games.

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