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Drive Pilot is the first Level 3 autonomous driving system

Tesla is one of the best-known companies in the world of electric cars. It could be said that this was the popularization of electric vehicles that also had autonomous driving capabilities. But over the years, little by little the different car brands have been presenting their alternatives and some have become tough rivals for Tesla. We have thus to Mercedes and his Drive Pilotwhich have achieved certification by Level 3 autonomy, beating Tesla.

The electric cars are becoming more and more popular among drivers and we have been able to see how the sales of these increased in 2022. Its main advantages such as the fact that They do not pollute like their gasoline brothers or the technologies they include in terms of autonomous driving They are positive points that consumers take into account. If we add to this that technology can advance, increase the capacity of the batteries and distance traveled, the electric car is considered to be the future. But where we see it most reflected is in the use of technologies that allow us to put aside our role as driver and the car takes charge of taking us to our destination.

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Mercedes is the first to reach Level 3 autonomous driving

mercedes benz steering wheel

When Elon Musk introduced his Tesla, one of the factors that most attracted potential customers was the fact that the car could literally take them wherever they wanted without driving. This opened up a world of possibilities, as being able to go to work and not have to be so aware of the road. But in reality, autonomous driving is not as perfect as we were led to believe and many car brands offer it, but in a more limited way.

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To this day the Autonomous driving level 2 It is an objective to be met for the vehicle companies and the company itself. Tesla and his Autopilot system fall into this category. But as far along as Tesla is with its autopilot system, Mercedes Benz You just overtook it by ensuring that your Drive Pilot becomes the first in the world to receive the SAE Level 3 certification in the United States.

Level 3 Drive Pilot will enable autonomous driving in the US

Mercedes Benz Autonomous Driving

With this announcement, the Level 3 Drive Pilot will be available on models S-Class and EQS Sedan from 2024. These will become first mass-produced vehicles to drive autonomously on American public highways. Specifically, those located in Snowfall, as it is the only US state that has approved the use of such technology. Although the company is in the process of convincing California so that it can enable autonomous driving later this year.

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About Drive Pilot, it was presented in Germany in May 2022 and brings a series of features that facilitate autonomous driving. For example, you can control the speed of the car up to 64 km/h while keeping distance from other vehicles. Another of its characteristics is that Drive Pilot is capable of read traffic signs and detect any incident. So, if the road is closed or there are any changes to take into account, you can brake and steer. Although like Tesla, Mercedes’ Drive Pilot technology is not perfect and they warn that requires high traffic density to function correctly.

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