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Dungeons in WoW are criticized: “It has never been so terrible”

Dungeons in World of Warcraft are a place of frustration – at least that’s what many players think. The chaos is now unmanageable.

The endgame of World of Warcraft usually consists of well-known components, which mainly include dungeons in the “Mythic+” area. The increasingly difficult instances pose new challenges and entice you with better and better loot. But some people have now had enough of it.


It’s not about the visual desEsports Extrasof the dungeons or the story. The problem is the abundance of effects that are causing more and more problems even for veterans and may even be to blame for a current shortage of healers.

Find players: Dungeons are too confusing

What’s the criticism? A few days ago, the World of Warcraft subreddit featured the post “Dungeons in WoW have become incomprehensible”, which apparently spoke to the soul of many players.

The criticism is about several points, which can be summarized above all: A lot has become too confusing. It’s impossible for newbies to figure out, and even veterans are finding it increasingly difficult. The points are:

  • Trees and other things block the camera. Other games make things like this transparent, in WoW you have to constantly rotate the camera.
  • Everywhere squiggles that you have to avoid. This is worse than ever.
  • Unfun mechanics like persistent slows, stuns, and fear effects.
  • Too many enemies with too many devastating spells at once, making it impossible to keep track without addons.
  • Lack of Visual and Auditory Clarity: Which Effects Matter? Which ones need to be interrupted? What is lethal and what is a friendly effect? Why are some enemy effects roughly the same color as the ground?
  • Objects on the floor to “get stuck” on.
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Healer Shortage: Have Dungeons Become Too Exhausting?

One of the biggest criticisms concerns healing in actual dungeons. This has become much harder and more chaotic with Dragonflight and, according to the thread, even leads to fewer and fewer healers wanting to fill this role. Because Internal-Dot-290 wrote:

Healing has gone insane. With deadly mechanics everywhere, the need to constantly dodge projectiles and squiggles, watch life bars, and prepare for the big spells that steal a big chunk out of all life bars. Healing has become such a painful experience that tanks seem to outnumber healers. The result of making the game hard for DPS characters is that healers now have it even worse because they have to deal with these mechanics along with all the other stuff.

In most other games, the healer is known as the “chilled” role. In WoW it’s the opposite.

Much approval from the community: Even if the whole post reads like a “rant” that is simply intended to relieve frustration – and that is partly intended – there is a lot of agreement.

  • IamRNG writes something like: “The number of times I, as a demon hunter, have inadvertently planted my sigils on any branch of a tree is incomprehensible.”
  • Lando_Hitman says: “You have to love it when you fight giant proto-drakes and their wings cover the deadly squiggles on the ground.”
  • FortuneMustache says: “If you’re a ranged fighter, you’ll need to dodge a squiggle, cone attack, or void zone every two seconds. When you’re a melee fighter, you never see your own character. It’s a lose-lose situation.”

The corresponding post has now been blocked in the WoW subreddit, so that no new comments are allowed. But by the time it was closed, the topic already had over 4,000 upvotes and numerous comments that agreed.

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This also corresponds to Bellular’s opinion, which is certain: affixes ruin World of Warcraft!

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