Dying Light 2 adds five new challenges to put your parkour skills to the test

Tom Henry

Updated on:

Techland added a challenge a few days ago, and four more are available as of this Thursday.

With so many recent major releases, it’s perhaps hard to take in that Dying Light 2 only came out last month. The game of Techland It maintains a good user base since its launch and, to continue improving the gaming experience, the development team is offering more content through various updates.

Until now we have seen some rewards related to weapons or outfits, but this week several have been implemented parkour challenges with which the studio directly challenges the players. The first has been available for a few days, but this Thursday four more are added, and more will surely arrive in the future.

Some have financial prizes.To access the new challenges we can start by going to the Garrison district of Central Loop, where we will be tested with a obstacle race. Some of the challenges have economic prizes as a result of collaborations with brands, so check them out if you have enough skill to show your arts in parkour and urban commuting.

Dying Light 2 has been available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S since last February 4, but also will eventually come to Nintendo Switch after its version was delayed. If you want to know how our experience with the game was, take a look at our Dying Light 2 review to get an idea.

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