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Dying Light 2 Stay Human delays Second DLC to 2024

dying light 2 stay human delays second dlc to 2024

The second paid DLC for Dying Light 2 Stay Human of Techland has been pushed back, with a date after 2024 instead of later this year. The developer revealed that this was to “spend more time on development concerns” and deliver “the best possible story expansion, with a new map and systems.”

It continues with free updates, with the goal of “ensuring the game meets and exceeds your expectations and ours. We just have a few more things to add to the game to get it done before we release DLC2.” A live stream is scheduled for June 29, where the developer will provide more details on upcoming events and updates.


The last major update, Gut Feeling, added dismemberment to Dying Light 2 Stay Human, which resulted in a more brutal combat. There was also the new Pilgrim Outpost for rewards and events, gear transmog to change the independent look of your stats, and a new weapon crafting system. Its next update launches in early summer, and it looks to amplify the horror.

Very little is known, but roaming volatiles can be expected. Techland can even share details about the Nintendo Switch version, a cloud-exclusive release meant to launch six months after the other versions. That hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully, we’ll find out more in this month’s live stream.