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Dying Light 3 should make its player more powerful, according to the series’ lead designer

One of the main designers of Dying Light 2: Stay Human wants the player character to be more powerful in the future and near Dying Light 3.

Chatting with the VGC medium, the lead designer on Dying Light 2 Tymon Smektała has said that giving the player more skills and abilities is something he would like to ‘correct’ from the game.

All this in reference to the second part of the Dying Light saga released a few months ago. Now that he’s had a few months of reflection, he’s realized it in the game.


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One thing is clear and that is that if we do a Dying Light 3 I would like to make the main character start with higher and better abilities and starting skills“.

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These are the words that Smektała told VGC during a new interview about the delay of the release of his story DLC to September.

We have used basically the same approach in [Dying Light 2] than the one we did for the first game, where the player would start off somewhat weak and then develop more“, Smektała kept saying.


We did something very different in the second game and this is actually something I wish I had corrected by looking at Dying Light 2 from the perspective of three months after its release.“.

Remember that Techland now allows that with a copy of the first Dying Light You can now upgrade to the Enhanced Edition for free and get its expansion and all the extra content.


So I think that in the third game, if that happens, that the character starts with more powers, skills and abilities than with all the basics“.

Even so Dying Light 2: Stay Human It was released in February to a lot of positive reviews and right now it has a 76 for PS5 on Metacritic and a 77 on PC and Xbox. In our review of Dying Light 2 we said:

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A great role-playing game, which bets on a very careful narrative, unique navigation and combat mechanics, and a terrifying setting. Dying Light 2 is a colossal game that will become a reference in the genre, in terms of the player’s decisions“.

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Dying Light 2

Even before its release, Techland said that it intends to give content to Dying Light 2 for 5 years, including story DLC.

And the studio is happy because Dying Light 2 sold 5 million copies in a month and Dying Light 1 is over 20 million games sold.

Do you agree with the Tymon Smektała’s statements about Dying Light 2: Stay Human?