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E-WIN 2.0 Edition Ergonomic 55 Inches RGB Desk Review

When putting together a gaming setup, many gamers take PC components or even some peripherals as a priority to give that magical touch to their gaming place. However, many forget to properly accommodate their PC and peripherals, one of the most necessary things is a gaming table.

E-WING Racing has several models of gaming tables, this time we will be reviewing the E-WIN 2.0 Edition Ergonomic 55 Inches RGB Desk which is a perfect table for those who need a lot of space on their desk.


This table is built to support up to 320lbs, this means it can fit 3 monitors or even 2 monitors and a PC, for those who like to have their PC on their desk. In my case, I have my PC plus two monitors and previously I had a 48-inch gaming table and I felt that I needed more space to be able to place everything in order.

This 55-inch table is extremely easy to assemble, it comes with a small installation guide as well as the screws and keys needed to assemble it. One of the things that have always caught my attention about E-WIN gaming tables is that the material is carbon fiber and this, apart from giving it a touch of luxury, also gives better long-term durability.

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The other E-WIN gaming tables I’ve been able to review are made from a heavy-duty aluminum frame leg for maximum stability, and this ensures that your gaming rig stays safely off the ground, away from dust and debris. The dirt. In this version, they come in white instead of silver and do not have the ones that the previous ones have RGB on the sides, this version is clean and does not have anything.

The legs are very resistant and the construction quality is noticeable at a general level, the RGB is one of the things that most attracts the attention of this type of table. With built-in dynamic RGB lighting, it simply connects via a USB cable to the PC, laptop, or even to any PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo video game console. It comes with RGB zones and a number of effects to synchronize the RGB with that of the PC or preferred peripherals.

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It comes with a touch control on the right side of the desktop to select the preferred colors and effects that it brings by default. It is very simple to place a preferred color or effect, since while the user is seeing how the colors and effects are illustrated, they are learning how to use this touch control. The control is very effective since when we touch any of the three buttons the command is executed immediately. The gaming table comes with a support for controls and has two areas to collect cables and keep everything in order.

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The E-WIN 2.0 Edition Ergonomic 55 Inches RGB Desk gaming table is perfect for those who need a gaming table with a lot of space, the 55 inches it has is enough to place everything that any player with many peripherals needs. The RGB and carbon fiber are some of the most striking and elegant things about this gaming table, the construction quality is felt from the moment we take it out of the box. However, this model does not have a wireless charger and does not have RGB on the legs, but this does not make it inferior to its other sisters since it is the largest of all and it will be excellent for those people who need a lot of space, combining luxury and good quality. This review was made thanks to the gaming table provided by E-WIN.


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