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EA apologizes and admits bugs in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on PC

ea apologizes and admits bugs in star wars jedi: survivor

It is not news to anyone that the launch of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been one of the most anticipated, but the game’s performance is not as expected (at least on PC).

As our editor Daniel Acosta had commented in his review, the game of several weeks this comments thatBecause this is a sequel that miserably fails when it comes to filling the shoes of its predecessor, having as its best features those that were migrated from it. The current lack of ambition in animations, scripts, graphical execution, optimization and overall satisfaction levels leave a lot to be desired.


The developers have clarified that they are aware of the complication and will primarily focus on resolving it to ensure the best quality performance for every player. Of course, the problem can’t be fixed overnight, but at least they will release patches gradually as they continue to test the gameplay of Jedi: Survivor.

Although some fans have criticized us for giving it a score of 5/10 but the reality is in the tweet published by EA Star Wars that you will see below. Some users are happy but others are still worried about the requirements of the game and wonder if it will ever work properly.

Nonetheless, there have been a few workarounds along the way, including a handy settings hack that can improve visuals and game performance. PC gamers can also find other fixes on EA’s support page, where they can get information on requirements and common issues.