EA explains why there will be mixed men’s and women’s teams at EA Sports FC 24

ea explains why there will be mixed men's and women's

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EA explains why there will be mixed men’s and women’s teams at EA Sports FC 24

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Since FIFA 16 included women’s football for the first time, its presence has been strengthened in each installment. This year, the EA Sports series takes a leap with numerous new features and a new name, EA Sports FC 24the star mode of the game, Ultimate Team, have six women’s leagues to create mixed teams with the best footballers of all time.

From the game community they have risen some critical voices with the decision. We have asked about it Nick Wlodyka, senior vice president and general manager of EA Sports FC during his visit to Madrid a few hours ago and responds that this position denotes “the diversity of the series’ community, and that is one of the biggest challenges we face. Sometimes part of the community says that we focus too much on Ultimate Team and the Clubs community feels frustrated because they believe that we have not done many things in that department. This year we have included a completely new competitive structure with clubs. It’s a global game played by hundreds of millions of people and everyone has an opinion. about what we should create and what we have to change. I think the important thing for us is that we always rely on authenticity and in representing what happens in the real world of sport and that the player chooses,” Wlodyka told Vandal.

Choose which part of the game you want to try

Wlodyka recalled that each year it has grown in each delivery of FIFA the presence of women’s teams “as a reflection of what, fortunately, is happening around the world. Women’s sport is exploding and it is a wonderful thing to see, particularly in women’s football. Looking to the future, it will surely be an important part of our franchise and players will have the opportunity to try it, we give them more content, new ways to play and, therefore, new experiences, but “It’s all about players being able to choose what part of the game they want to play and what they want to try.”

Nick Wlodyka, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ‘EA Sports FC’.

When asked if this way they believe that more female players will also be attracted, taking into account the experience of these previous years in which teams were already included, Wlodyka stated that there are many followers of the sport and women’s teams around the world. . “I hope we have more and more women and not only by including women’s teams in the game but also by building the right experiences for football fans. In the future we are already thinking about some things; An important part of what happens in the real world will happen in the game, because we are now more than a game, which is something on the one hand very exciting but, on the other hand, entails It is a great responsibility to think about what video games will be like in 5, 10 or 15 years, “the strength they will have and how they will be a means of entertainment that will be a meeting point for people.”

EA Sports FC 24 It will go on sale on September 29 on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC, but from this Friday it will be possible to play thanks to its early access.

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