EA FC 24 community annoyed by duplicates in Ultimate Team: “Ridiculously outdated system”

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ea fc 24 community annoyed by duplicates in ultimate team:

In EA FC 24, the problem with duplicates in Ultimate Team is becoming particularly clear and the community is discussing it heatedly.

In the last FIFA parts and especially in FIFA 23 it became clear that EA Sports is noticeably developing towards untradeable cards – i.e. cards in Ultimate Team that cannot be offered or bought on the transfer market.

Especially in newer packs that you can buy in the store or packs from SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) you can find cards that you just can’t get rid of. You can play these wonderfully and use them in your own club, but if the cards are too weak or simply don’t fit into your own team, you initially have a problem.

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This is the problem with the duplicates: The big problem with duplicates in EA FC 24 is one that has existed for many years. If you open a pack and find duplicates there, you cannot open another pack until you have taken care of the duplicate cards.

And you can take care of the duplicates in the following way:

  • You put the duplicates into Squad Building Challenges to unlock new packs or players.
  • You discard the duplicate cards for 0 coins.

But there are currently problems with both options, because EA FC 24 simply doesn’t offer enough suitable SBCs into which you could put the duplicates. Which usually leaves you with the option of discarding it, which in turn isn’t ideal since you simply give up the card without getting anything in return.

This is particularly annoying when you get rid of cards with high ratings that would have been worth a few coins in the tradeable version.

This is what it looks like for many FC 24 players right now.

This is what the community says about duplicates in EA FC 24

There is a very popular thread on Reddit that reports on the current duplicate problem in EA FC 24. We have picked out a few voices for you:

  • Dr_PainTrain: “I opened a Jumbo Rare Pro Pack and 60% were duplicates. It’s annoying to have to push them all away.”
  • Tahsein4523: “The same thing happened to me too. An absolutely ridiculously outdated system. At least give us the opportunity to save players for an overpriced SBC like Guimaraes.”
  • jl94x4: “Quick selling to get 0 coins is a joke. Non-tradeable cards should have the same quick sell value as tradeable cards. Even if it was only half, I would be for it.”
  • mistercapitan: “I even had to sell off three 87 Kobels.”
  • WALTON1981: “They should introduce a rare gold player choice SBC that requires you to give up 11 rare gold cards.”

There doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight here at the moment. What do you think about the duplicates in EA FC 24? Is that a problem for you too? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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