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EA has also canceled Battlefield Mobile and closes Industrial Toys

It seems that it is not being the best day for the industry, since in the last hours we have had to give several somewhat unpleasant news, such as the delay of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (luckily, it is only four weeks), as well as the shutdown of Apex Legends Mobile servers. But Electronic Arts continues to reform at home, especially in its mobile games division, and has also announced the cancellation of the development from Battlefield Mobile.

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As reported by VentureBeat, it seems that EA is looking for a more unified approach to the Battlefield series. One in which players can join the same game from different platforms, which in this case meant eliminating the weakest.

Respawn has made a statement (what a day they have been) about the cancellation in which they say the following: “We are evaluating how mobile games fit into our strategy … We remain very committed to unlocking the enormous potential of Battlefield. We are hard at work in the evolution of Battlefield 2042, and we are in pre-production of future Battlefield experiences in our multiple studios around the world.”

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Battlefield Mobile hadn’t officially launched yet, so it might be less disappointing to know that it’s not going to see the light of day compared to the news of Apex Legends Mobile being shut down. The most unfortunate thing about the situation is undoubtedly the closure of the Industrial Toys studioin charge of its development.

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