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EA probes interest in Dead Space 2 Remake and Dead Space 3 Remake with a survey

Although sales of Dead Space Remake may not be as high as one might expect for an outstanding game, it seems that Electronic Arts does not rule out the possibility of continuing the sagaat least with the remakes of its sequels, dead space 2 and dead space 3.

A survey will be testing the remake of the sequels with various options on the degree of interest. Of course this is far from confirming that we will really see new remakes, or even a completely original installment; In the end, there is no greater “survey” than the sale of the remake launched a few weeks ago, for which we already have a complete guide, and that will be key in the future of the game. survival horror.

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dead space 2 got excellent reviews despite losing some of the wow factor. dead space 3 The level dropped somewhat and one of the main criticisms was that it enhanced the action elements to the detriment of psychological terror, but a hypothetical remake could modify these failures to give the saga greater homogeneity.


It will not be a priority for EA Motive, which is now focused on Iron Man

Even if Dead Space 2 Remake enters the plans of Electronic Arts, EA Motive is getting to work with its next game, which is none other than an adventure with the license of Hombre de Hierro. “We have said both internally and externally that we would be interested in continuing our work on the series. dead space. Our core group is passionate about the brand and we need to discuss what is the right next step for us. There are numerous factors that need to be taken into account at the studio and company level, but first, the team will be taking a well-deserved vacation before determining what the next step is,” the team said.

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Dead Space Remake It’s everything we could ask of a remake of such a beloved masterpiece, and much more. A title completely redone from scratch that, based on the original, expands and enhances it in every way imaginable. It is not just about a spectacular graphic update, but it dares to go further to deepen its narrative, add new content, recover the novelties that its sequels introduced, redesEsports Extrasentire sections and include new mechanics and systems, “we said in our analysis. Do not forget to consult our guide to ensure your survival aboard the USG Ishimura.