EA Responds To Complaints About Women In EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

Tom Henry

ea responds to complaints about women in ea sports fc

We bring more interesting news for those of you who are waiting for this Nintendo Switch game. We get details of EA Sports FC 24the replacement for FIFA that will be released on the hybrid console in the future.

You already know that EA Sports has released the initial trailer for its next title, FC 24, which will replace FIFA. However, the full announcement has been shared a little later, confirming the Nintendo Switch edition and date for the release. September 29, 2023. Then he confirmed the download size on the hybrid console confusing the fans and now we have interesting statements.

It seems that EA has ruled on the decision to include women in the Ultimate Team mode. Some fans are not happy with that decision and Esports Extrashas asked John Shepherd, Vice President and Executive Producer of Electronic Arts, what do you think about it. The creative’s response was this:

It’s something we really think deeply about. We believe that we can play a very important role in the growth of the sport by introducing it to all of our fans. We just have this conviction that we believe we want to unite the world around football.

Ultimate Team is a great place for that. It is a mode where you can build your fantasy team with different nationalities, different leagues, different clubs. And we thought it was a great place to be able to do that.

We have a vision to connect not just the 150 million fans we have now, but a billion fans. We want this game and this brand, this club, this ecosystem, to welcome everyone. As for our decision on how we integrate women’s soccer into Ultimate Team, we feel very strongly about it.

There are other game modes, like Kick Off, where it’s more about that club playing together against another club. But Ultimate Team for us is a mode where you can have a combination of players and you can build the best team. And we think that’s going to be great for football, and we think that’s going to be great for our fans and our future fans. That’s what I would say.

What do you think? We will be attentive to more details.


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