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EA Sports FC 24 instead of FIFA 24: everything about the release, price, licenses and more

ea sports fc 24 release announced: it's coming in september!

Here’s everything you need to know about EA Sports FC, the FIFA 23 successor to EA Sports.

EA ended its partnership with FIFA last year and accordingly will not release this year’s football game under the name FIFA 24, but under the title EA Sports FC 24. We summarize everything about it.

Disclaimer: We will update the article as new information reaches us.

Last update on July 16th: The big reveal took place this week and we summarize everything for you below and also separately in this article:


EA Sports FC 24 reveals the first scenes and continues to heat up the gameplay reveal

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EA Sports FC 24 reveals the first scenes and continues to heat up the gameplay reveal


The Release: When will EA Sports FC 24 be released?

As in previous years, EA Sports FC 24 will sweeten the autumn for football fans when it is released at the end of September. Thanks to several versions and early access, the following release periods result:

  • Early Access with Ultimate Edition or EA Play Trial: September 22nd
  • Official release: September 29th

Price: This is how much EA Sports FC will cost on your console and PC

There are now official statements from EA:

Platforms: Will EA Sports FC 24 appear on my console?

Like its predecessor, EA Sports FC 24 appears on all current platforms – including the Nintendo Switch. Hypermotion V technology is used on the PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC for even more realistic animations that are missing on the rest.

A small sensation: After almost five years of legacy editions for the Nintendo Switch, EA Sports FC 24 is finally back with innovations. So everyone on Nintendo’s handheld will get more career options, Volta and overhauled graphics that will be powered by the Frostbite engine. So the version is finally closer to the PS4 and Xbox One variant.

Cover: These pros are the stars of EA Sports FC 24

EA has already revealed the pros for the Ultimate Edition that will grace the cover. There is a mixture of current players and some legends. A total of 31 professionals can be seen at once:


standard edition: There is also a cover for everyone who only buys the normal edition – but only one star can be seen on it: Erling Haaland.


Confirmed licenses for leagues and teams

If you were concerned that the end of the FIFA partnership would also affect the leagues and teams included, we can reassure you. are already confirmed at least 30 leagues with over 700 teams and 19,000 licensed players.

The biggest leagues are included: We already know that the most important European leagues and cup competitions are represented. These include the German Bundesliga, the English Premier League, the USALaLiga, the French Ligue 1 and the Italian Serie A. The same applies to non-European leagues such as the MLS, K-League and the Chinese Super League.

These top teams are confirmed: Some clubs have already announced their partnership with EA. These include Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Juventus Turin.


Another women's league has already been confirmed for EA Sports FC with the US league.

Another women’s league has already been confirmed for EA Sports FC with the US league.

Confirmed women’s competitions

Like FIFA 23, the English and French leagues as well as the women’s Champions League have been officially confirmed so far. The US National Women’s Soccer League will also be represented for the first time. In addition, there are the two new women’s leagues from Germany and USA.

Ultimate Team, career and more: These modes are included

You will also find all known modes from FIFA 23 in the new game, which EA has already officially confirmed. Below:

  • ultimate team
  • career mode
  • Pro clubs
  • VOLTA Football
  • World Championship called FC Pro World Championship

New EA Sports FC logo: what it means

By the way, the first new announcement for EA Sports FC this year was not the annual announcement of the cover stars, but the new logo, which you can see here:


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The new desEsports Extrasmight look familiar, by the way, as it’s a direct nod to the well-known triangle icon that appears in-game over the head of the selected pro. According to EA Sports, the triangle should also stand for passing techniques and standard situations.


EA Sports is self-confident

In conclusion, it should be noted once again that EA Sports is aiming for a continuation of its former FIFA series this year, to the extent that you are used to from previous years. So you don’t have to expect a slimmed down game after the end of the FIFA partnership – even on the Nintendo Switch.

In a recent interview with The Mirror, EA Sports Vice President David Jackson speaks of “huge self-confidence” into your own brand and names two pillars that are essential for the upcoming offshoot: authenticity and innovation.

So you should not only get a game that best represents the reality of football, including many real leagues, teams, players, etc., but also an offshoot that “new, engaging experiences” offers. From July we will find out what they are.


What do you all mean: In terms of content, will everything remain the same for the most part or will EA use the upheaval to implement the promised introduce real innovations across modes?