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EA Sports FC 24: Special TOTW 1 is now here, even though it hasn’t been released yet

ea sports fc 24: special totw 1 is now here,

EA Sports FC 24 has introduced the first Team of the Week. This is special because the game hasn’t officially been released yet.

What is TOTW 1? The Team of the Week is a classic, because in the FIFA series it brought new special cards every week for players who impressed with particularly strong performances.

These cards are characterized by improved values, a special desEsports Extrasand a higher price on the transfer market. In addition, you sometimes need them for certain SBCs.


What makes TOTW 1 special? EA Sports has released the new TOTW 1, even though the game isn’t actually out yet. Some players, such as content creators, can already access and stream the game, but the actual release dates are still pending.

Today, on September 20, 2023, it is the turn of the web app to launch. There you will theoretically be able to pull TOTW 1 from packs if you have the coins for it.

However, be prepared for the fact that this is very unlikely, as you need a lot of luck to draw special cards in Ultimate Team.


We’ll show you what TOTW 1 looks like here.

EA Sports FC 24: TOTW 1 at a glance

This is the complete TOTW 1:

  • Oukidja (TW / 80)
  • Karchaoui (LV, 87)
  • Hummels (IV / 85)
  • Lamptey (LV/84, Featured)
  • Mkhitaryan (ZM, 84)
  • Akturkoglu (LM, 81)
  • Al Dawsari (LM, 81)
  • Halilovic (ZOM, 80)
  • Lewandowski (ST, 91)
  • Salah (RF, 90)
  • Dybala (ST, 87)
  • Bataille (RV, 80)
  • Ojeda (RM, 81)
  • Carlinhos (ZOM, 80)
  • Guirassy (ST, 81)
  • Moffi (ST, 81)
  • Documentary (LF, 81)
  • Tabakovic (ST, 80)

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive Trailer


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Particularly strong cards in TOTW 1

Some cards immediately stand out with heavy values.

EA Sports FC 24 Highlights TOTW 1
  • Karchaoui impresses with a lot of pace, dribbling and defense. She should be a strong option on the left defensive side.
  • Lamptey, filling the same position with comparable stats, is this week’s featured card.
  • Robert Lewandowski should be one of the best strikers in the game at the start, his 91 card is another upgrade.
  • Salah is also a classic and gets an early, strong special card in the Premier League.
  • Dybala is a very strong card for players traveling in Serie A.

Speaking of powerful cards: This year, EA Sports FC 24 gives you the opportunity to strengthen some of your cards with Evolutions.