EA Sports FC 24: the studio responds to the big controversy

Tom Henry

ea sports fc 24: the studio responds to the big

EA Sports FC 24 is causing controversy within the community because of the integration of women in Ultimate Team. The studio has decided to speak up.

Players expected a lot from the gameplay presentation ofEA Sports FC 24 held on July 13. After the mockery about the cover of the Ultimate edition of the game, the American studio needed to reassure the public. The conference reserved its share of information, but only a very short sequence of gameplay. Fortunately, EA Sports took the time to get to the heart of the matter this Tuesday by unveiling long game sequences and the new sensations that football fans will be able to experience with their controller in hand thanks to the Frostbite engine, HyperMotion V and the PlayStyles feature. Despite this, some players remain focused on a new option that is clearly controversial within the community.

EA Sports FC 24 in turmoil

For several days, a novelty in the Ultimate Team mode, better known as FUT in the opuses of Fifa, is controversial on social networks. Some players rail against the integration … of women in the game mode ofEA Sports FC 24. Indeed, it will be possible to compose a team made up of male and female players for the first time in an EA Sports football simulation. The image that shows Kylian Mbappé and Sam Kerr lined up together on the pitch is causing a lot of noise within the community. A lack of “realism” for some, a step forward for others who believe that this is not the first nor the last fantasy brought to the Ultimate Team mode by EA Sports.

In an interview with IGN, John Shepherd, Vice President and Executive Producer of Electronic Arts, responds to criticism of this new feature. According to him, it was necessary for EA Sports FC 24 to integrate this feature to promote women’s football.

We feel we can play a very important role in the growth of football [féminin] presenting it to all our fans. Ultimate Team is the perfect place for that. It is a mode where you can build your fancy team with different nationalities, different leagues, different clubs. That’s why we thought this was the right place to do it.

Sexist behavior to be expected? EA Sports keeps watch

It must be recognized that seeing Mbappé share the field with Zidane and Pelé in FUT was already nothing very realistic. John Shepherd advises players who are not happy to turn to the kick-off mode, in which we find the classic codes of football. The vice-president is nevertheless aware that the anger of the players could harm EA Sports FC 24 and materialize in sexist behavior when the game is released on September 29 coming soon to PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. He says a team within EA is already dedicated to tackling toxicity and sexism in FIFA 23 and that the studio is moving to newer systems, even for the next game “.

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