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EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Update 2.0 is now available

Since the launch of EA SPORTS PGA TOUR, the development team has listened carefully to the community and incorporated their suggestions and feedback into the game.

Title Update 2.0 is now available, which includes countless improvements, as well as new quick play presentation settings, changes to the green grid, along with bug fixes, UI updates, related issue fixes with PC operation, in-game content, and much more.


The 3-click swing is also available in the game. This gameplay mechanic has always been part of the development timeline, so the team is excited for players to try it out as an alternative control method.

Patch #2 Highlights:

  • Adding the 3-click swing

  • New presentation settings added:

    • Fast Play – Skip player reaction and add NIS automatically for a faster rendering experience

    • Putt Meter – Turns the visibility of the putt meter on and off

    • Button Hint – Toggles the button hint displayed at the bottom of the screen during gameplay

  • Green Grid Improvements: To help with ball visibility and responding to player feedback, after you hit the ball the grid quickly disappears

  • Improved accuracy on the green grid for greater accuracy on the green, including the Augusta 16th hole

  • Added PC mouse support

  • In-camera fixes: For animations that can’t be played because the camera was placed in areas that blocked visibility

  • Resized Holes: We’ve reduced the size of the hole to match the physical 1:1 model and users won’t see the ball roll past when it looks like it should go in

  • Unified Messaging allows players to see frequent updates through the content feature panel in the main menu

  • Added the screen with the types of shots in the Pause Menu, explaining each one of them

  • Added content in the store, including hats, shoes, drivers and more

  • Added a graphic explaining the types of shots to the Pause Menu

  • Online troubleshooting: Exiting the event info screen while a countdown was in progress would put users in the wrong field the next time they matched

You can find the full list in the patch notes here