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EarthBound: Discover infinity of new details and secrets of this cult JRPG


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The Video Game History Foundation managed to recover files containing the entire game script, which revealed a large amount of hidden information so far. EarthBound is one of the most widely acclaimed and most memorable SNES games. The extremely unique and special JRPG he made don’t leave anyone indifferent. It provides us with a luxury adventure full of unexpected surprises and all kinds of madness. 

At the same time The conventional practice of this type has been changed. Since it was launched in 1994, it has been raining, more than a quarter of a century has passed, but now many new secrets about it have been discovered nintendo switch games .

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A work of archeology of the video game

In order to explain these new findings well, we first need some background knowledge. In 2018, Marcus Lindblom, a former Nintendo American employee responsible for translating EarthBound scripts into English, found a floppy disk used in the game localization process in his belongings. Unfortunately, he deleted the corresponding title file some time ago, so he donated the CD to the Video Game History Foundation.

What the floppy was hiding

Since then, Rich Whitehouse has been working on recovering those deleted files, including all files corresponding to the full script of this adventure. At this point, you may be wondering what you found after these files were finally recovered. As a quick summary, we found the following: scenes and dialogues that were never used in the final version, ideas and game mechanics that were discarded early in the development, and even comments from different team members. If you are interested in delving into all of this, we encourage you to check out the video published by the Video Game History Foundation itself (you have it at the beginning of this news), where they reviewed all their findings. They don’t know this game. You can also introduce it in detail on its own website

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