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Editorial: 2023 Is Going To Be A Big Year For Halo – Xbox


Editorial: 2023 Is Going To Be A Big Year For Halo – Xbox

Let’s face it, the Halo franchise is a worldwide phenomenon that doesn’t stop providing us with daily content. 2022 was a curious year that showed that as much as everyone believes that Halo Infinite is “dead”, every day can have new and fresh content from a single game. Now, speaking of the franchise, everything is blown up on a larger scale, and no one can say otherwise.

2022 was a cathartic year for Halo Infinite, as it showed that there are many problems within 343 that have been solved. Not only was there the pressure to support a new generation with the Xbox Series X, but you had to get around your own community with new things to break paradigms; but none of this succeeded. Although it was not the best year, it cannot be said that it has been terrible; but something is clear to me, and it is that 2023 is going to be one of the best years for Halo Infinite and the franchise in general..

Halo Infinite Season 3

Despite the pessimism that exists within the community, and what many influencers want to reflect, the future of the saga inside and outside of video games is encouraging and something big is in store for us this year. This is something I want to make clear, and that is that the toxicity within the community has reached a point where misinformation has prevailed within the content creators, giving wrong views of Halo Infinite and creating unfortunate popular opinion. So I would like to go in parts:

The future of Halo Infinite multiplayer

We’re currently raffling off the worst time for Halo Infinite multiplayer, the gap that existed between Season 1 and Season 2 was totally overwhelming, plus we are currently at a point of absolute dryness where a couple of events have caught our attention. This drought of content in a “game as a service” is inexcusable and reflects how bad 343 is inside.

Now, the Third Season of the multiplayer is approaching and there is no reason not to be excited. With the internal restructuring of 343, it seems that things are going up within the development, and not only due to the fact that Bonnie Ross left 343, but also thanks to the fact that the community has rightly complained about all the problems that exist. . With that said, we can look forward to the start of this season in March as a fresh start for multiplayer, as well as new experiences like Forge mode and the rumored battle royale.

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Halo Infinite

And speaking of Halo Infinite battle royale, we can expect it to arrive for the Fourth Season, that is to say that in June there will be news about it. We know well that these are rumors and nothing is confirmed, but all the leaks can confirm that it will be so.

The Halo Infinite campaign, an opportunity for many years

As discussed in the game’s marketing campaign, it would last at least 30 years. This is a comment that is obviously unfortunate and possibly false, but the game itself has shown us that it has a lot to offer for many years, which will begin in 2023.

With barely a year of the game we already want to experience new things, as if it were the need for a new game. That’s why I think the campaEsports Extrasexpansions will be the best thing that can happen to us. From what has been leaked under the name of Halo: The Endless, we expect the Halo universe to expand and give us great interactions with new species and the Master Chief.

Halo Infinite

We are not only talking about missions of a conventional campaign, the open world presented with all its technical benefits is also in the equation. This is another of those things that are impressive about this video game, that if you have tried it you will realize that it is well worth playing. That being the case, the fact that the campaEsports Extrascontinues to expand will result in a period video game.

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343 and its policy change, a notice for Xbox

Something more than evident is that Xbox and Phil Spencer had a lot to do with 343’s problems since the launch of Halo 5. But beyond bad decisions in a creative process, something inexcusable is how they handle video game development times and what it means for studios to be pressured to perform at their best. What I mean is that Phil Spencer’s obvious fault was in pushing the release of this game to meet the new generation of consoles; For this reason, now that the board of directors that had little vision of their community has changed, we can dream that now they will meet expectations.

The disappointment that Halo Infinite represented for many now means that the need to regain the trust of the players and the despair of not being able to keep good news for more than 2 weeks is materializing in new content for the game. However, with this 2023 and an encouraging outlook for Xbox Game Pass, we can wait for 343 to focus on creating content outside of the hurricane, always thinking of satisfying its community and not new players.

All the extra content of the Halo franchise

In 2022 we had the launch of a Halo TV series, plus a new book called Halo: Rubicon Protocol; not to mention that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is still being updated. This kind of material keeps us entertained as well as expanding the narrative nexus of his universe. This 2023, two will be the books that will arrive, one giving context of the life of the Didact in Halo: Epitaph; the other with the brutal union between the Spartan Vale and the Arbiter in Halo: Outcasts.

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Joseph Staten has shared a job offer where they are looking for a Sandbox DesEsports ExtrasLead for Halo Infinite - Xbox

What I want to say is that if you are a fan of Halo you will never get bored, because it is an expanded universe that does not stop offering new experiences. Each format creating transmedia content adapts to each audience, demonstrating that the Master Chief’s story has an almost infinite narrative.

The community, the competition and misinformation

This is a section that I need to cover whenever I give an opinion on Halo. And it is that most of what can be seen on social networks about the game is a 50-50 about how they tear Halo Infinite apart or how there are simply people who live from their world. This is important to highlight because those who enjoy this franchise truly appreciate every new glimpse into its world; and although it has flaws in the gameplay of some installments, it is infallible when it comes to telling stories. And this is why it bothers me to see how this franchise is misinformed or despised with every official move.

The community has reached a point where 343 cannot achieve an idea when they are already criticizing a new thing. This internal toxicity destroys the very essence of what Halo is and damages the product. Getting to what currently moves the interests of the study, which is the competitive one, and demonstrating how a handful of players send the changes that must be made in real time.

Halo Infinite

In 2022 multiple eSports events were held, which showed us that these players do not understand the Halo sandbox and are only looking for money. If 343 manages to avoid this, 2023 will undoubtedly take an excellent course, where the opinion of the real players is the one that is taken into account.

Finally, mention that the saga has a huge potential for the future, so I sincerely hope that this 2023 we will have at least the battle royale, a campaEsports ExtrasDLC and more support for the community.

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