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eFootball 2023: Learn about the changes and updates that Konami has

Konami has revealed the updates that will arrive during this year to eFootball 2023the free virtual soccer game that replaced Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). These updates will add to eFootball 2023 improvements in the user experience, new content and functions for the Konami virtual football simulator.

According to Konami in its statement, that they will continue to implement changes to eFootball 2023 according to the feedback they receive from the players.

since its launch eFootball He has failed to connect with the public. However, the recent popularity its European league has gained with esports players sponsored by soccer clubs—coupled with constant updates—has given hope to those who still cherish the memorable releases of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

These are some of the updates eFootball 2023 Announced by Konami:

Update of eFootball 2023 second quarter of 2023

  • Increased the number of player slots in “My Team”.
  • New function, which will allow adding player skills to the characters of eFootball 2023 that are currently available.
  • New ways to renew and obtain “player contracts”.

Update of eFootball 2023 from the third quarter of 2023

  • A new feature that will allow you to reset progression points using GP
  • A greater number of substitutes in Dream Team

Functions that will arrive in the future eFootball 2023

  • New modes: Master League, cooperative and edit.
  • Increased equipment available in “Authentic Equipment”.
  • Compatibility updates: cross-platform on console, cross-platform between console and mobile, and support for mobile controllers.

eFootball 2023the successor of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), is now available for consoles past, current generation PC via Steam and mobile devices.

Source: eFootball 2023 official page