“Either they accept long shifts or they should not come to work here”

"either they accept long shifts or they should not come

Tom Henry

“Either they accept long shifts or they should not come to work here”

Asian cultures have some good things, even very good things, but they also have some bad things, and when it comes to semiconductors, as well as work, both Chinese and Taiwanese are very clear about that. The president of TSMC has slipped some rather controversial statements as a result of the report that was presented this week on the situation of his FAB in Arizona, where, as we have seen, it has a very high criticism rate, a very low score in quality of work and On top of that, thefts and other related problems are affecting them. What does Liu say? What, or do you work shifts? 12 hoursor better, do not enter the industry or TSMC.

Crystal clear, reality check for all those who want to get into TSMC (or any Asian company in general): Asians work long hours, under a lot of pressure and without long breaks. The Asian production model in general is to produce and not rest except at specific moments, work comes first, health and family are secondary, don’t you think so? Well, let’s see what you think Mark Liu, CEO of TSMC.

An unfavorable report from your company, a very clear message from TSMC and shifts


Glassdoor back on stage. The web receives increasingly worse criticism in the US for TSMC, as we have seen, only 27% of the workers, taking refuge in the anonymity provided by the web, approve of working for said company. It is such a large and negative bias that it scares away future workers, especially if we take into account the scores of their rivals on the same platform, which are three times higher and at least in positive evaluations.

What exactly has Mark Liu said as CEO of TSMC? Judge for yourself:

“Those who are not willing to accept long shifts should not enter the industry, as this field is not just about lucrative salaries, but a passion for the semiconductor industry.”

What are TSMC workers in the US complaining about?

TSMC-Fire-FAB-front page

Well, there are more than 100 reports on Glassdoor about what they consider a problem in their jobs, some very curious:

  • heavy workloads
  • poor training
  • Long hours (12 on average)
  • High expectations of managers/supervisors
  • limited breaks
  • Work-life balance issues
  • ‘Military-style’ control atmosphere
  • Stress

If all this does not seem enough to you, as expected, there are some very specific and also curious ones. For example, some employees are sleeping in the offices for a little over a month to get work done. Others have no rest and exceed 12 hours a dayso they only have time to eat and sleep, from Monday to Sunday, and without vacations, only specific holidays, which in the US are very few.

There is open talk on the brutal corporate culture platform, something that Liu’s speech did not change when he heard the reviews either, since after being informed of them he commented that American employees have it relatively easy compared to Taiwanese, hinting that less is required of them.

TSMC is open to change… As long as workers adhere to its values


He also left another pearl in the sense that he commented that the work culture of TSMC in the US is open to discussion as long as the workers adhere to the company’s values. It is clear that the clash of cultures and the way of working is totally different and that an Asian company landing on Western soil should require compliance with the hours and labor rights of the country that receives it. Such shifts should not be allowed at TSMC on European soil, but…

It seems that in the USA with its extreme capitalism it is a favorable place to ignore all this, but what will happen then in Germany? Is the EU taking note of this to get TSMC on track?

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