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Elden Ring

Elden Ring: A player discovers a big secret about Margott

An Elden Ring player discovered that after defeat Morgott becomes very small compared to the other open world bosses.

The delivery of Elden Ring It was a total burst of emotion when it hit fans’ consoles last February. It broke a sales record and was classified as one of the most important releases of 2022 for many good reasons. In this sense, there were multiple discussions around the most impressive details of the RPG and there was even a comparison between Elden Ring and other company titles in relation to the level of challenge during the game, an example of this being the Dark Souls saga -which also caused positive impressions, with a rating of 94%-.

Elden Ring’s bosses are just as flashy as other FromSoftware titles

Although another of the highlights of Elden Ring was its wide open world that allows great exploration and shows impeccable graphics, along with exciting landscapes that surround the Middle Lands, it is worth mentioning that the title has also had other successes.


A fact that relatively impressed his audience were the stories of his bosses, who have complex relationships that link them to various events, such as the case of Malenia, Miquella’s sword (who has been surrounded by speculation thanks to the absence of her shadow and little information about his possible rebellion). Also, the aesthetics of the bosses is quite striking and this has not gone unnoticed among the fans. But this is something we will return to later.

So far it should be considered that, to complete the main story of Elden Ring, you have to undertake a long journey through the regions of the Middle Lands, while you must find and defeat a series of mandatory enemies.


Each one has their own characteristics that define them as powerful, fearsome and challenging enemies. While several may be optional, to finish the game you would have to face the mandatory ones. Nevertheless, the list of enemies is quite extensive, so battles don’t end as quickly if the player is determined to kill everything in their path. And it’s great, as we can learn more about the ranges of these side bosses and even make interesting and useful discoveries.

Morgott has his own quirks

As we mentioned, the aesthetics of the characters is terrifying, so much so that they look like living corpses with their arms imprisoned at their sides while they are slowly consumed by the worms that usually appear in their hair. The grotesque differentiates them from others that have been seen within the genre and Morgott is no exception. This self-proclaimed Omen King embodies the curse itself, featuring horns and a colossal body. However, something quite curious is that when he dies, he turns into a small and fragile pygmy.


Recently, a Reddit user DaRealMilkMan pointed out this peculiarity after noticing that Morgott’s corpse became so small that his Esports Extrasntic robes almost become bedding, compared to his new proportions. Of course, this fact caused the theories about the boss to increase. Some believe he lost his omen curse upon his death., although the reason could be that Godrick becomes much smaller because his grafted parts have been ripped off, leaving only the silhouette of this original man. On the other hand, there are those who speculate that the Great Runes and divine powers are what make their users colossal in size, as is customary in FromSoftware titles.

Despite the Great Runes are a new concept, Dark Souls had “Great Souls”, a similar idea sticking to the shards of Gwyn himself that he passed on to his trusted knights. Among them, the infamous Ornstein, thanks to this connection, grew to disproportionate sizes, much like the bosses of the Elden Ring. However, quite unlike Morgott, when you kill Artoris, Nito, and even Ornstein, they just fade away.


Furthermore, Morgott has not only greatly reduced his size. Something that reinforces these theories is that has lost its horns – an obvious sEsports Extrasof the omen curse –. Bosses in the Elden Ring can be healed from the ravages of fighting, they just don’t live to feel the benefits.

His cunning is not in question, as he is a fearsome and imposing boss. Especially because of the size of him. Like the case of Radahn, who grew so big that he couldn’t ride his horse, so he was forced to master gravitational magic so as not to crush his mate. But Radahn also disappears after death.