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Elden Ring

Elden Ring: All quests list, where to find them and how to complete them

There are dozens of quests in the Elden Ring that are often difficult to find and complete without a guide. MeinMMO therefore gives you a practical overview of all quest lines in the game. In addition, we link you to extensive guides for individual quests.

In this “Cheat Sheet” we tell you the necessary steps and relevant NPCs for each quest in Elden Ring. In addition, we’ll tell you if there’s anything important to consider for the quest. We avoid spoilers as much as possible.

This information comes largely from Fextralife and the interactive map, but has been supplemented with other quests (such as Irina). All information here corresponds to the current state of knowledge in the community and the MeinMMO editorial team and is not guaranteed.

For selected quests we also link our detailed quest guides. Our range of complete quest guides will continue to grow over time. We will then update this article accordingly.

You want to know what the story of Elden Ring is all about? Here is a short summary:

Elden Ring Lore: The complex story briefly explained

A notice: You should talk to every NPC in the game until the dialogues are repeated exactly. Only then is a conversation considered to be over and the quest can be continued.

The guide also mentions that you need to “reload your world”. To do this, you have to end the game via the pause menu and reload the save, or alternatively rest briefly in a place of grace.

Here you can find all quests at a glance:

Elden Ring: All quests and NPCs with quest guides


Can you miss the quest? no

Can you fail the quest? No (excludes death from NPC).

Quest summary: You can find the detailed guide to Varré’s quest in our White Mask guide:

Elden Ring: The White Mask makes the most popular build even better – Here’s how to get it

In short, the quest works like this:

  1. Talk to Varré right after the tutorial dungeon.
  2. Defeat Godrick in Castle Stormveil.
  3. Return to Varré and talk to him again.
  4. Now travel to the Church of the Roses in Liurnia and speak to Varré
  5. Use the bloody pus fingers to fight 3 players in PvP. It doesn’t matter if you win or not.
  6. Then talk to Varré again. He gives you the favor of the Prince of Blood.
  7. In Liurnia is the Church of Inhibition. Interact with the corpse in the church to drench the favor in blood.
  8. Return to Varré, who is still waiting for you at the Rose Church. As a reward you get the Medal of the Pure-Blood Knight.
  9. Use this medal in inventory. You will be teleported to Moghwyn Palace.
  10. Head to the Bloody Swamp and defeat its phantoms that are invading your world
  11. Look for a red call sEsports Extrasin the dark cave in the palace. Defeat Varré in battle.

Boc, the closer

Can you miss the quest? Yes. Exact time unknown, probably after the end of the game.

Can you fail the quest? No (excludes death from NPC).

Quest summary:

  1. Boc is hiding as a tree in Limgrave, near the telescope.
  2. Talk to Boc in the Coastal Cave. Defeat the boss and return to Boc.
  3. Give Boc his sewing tool.
  4. Find Boc at the sea cliffs in Liurnia.
  5. Give Boc a Golden Needle at the east gate of Raya Lucaria.
  6. Boc is now at the crossing of the Altus overpass.
  7. Boc moves on to the Eastern Capital Wall.
  8. Boc wants to be reincarnated by Rennala. There are two possible endings:
    • Give him a Larvae Tear. Once you rest, Boc will appear next to Rennala. Resting there again will complete the quest.
    • Use the “You are beautiful” speechhead in front of him.

New Elden Ring players will find it easier to find a quest that will break their heart


Can you miss the quest? no

Can you fail the quest? No (excludes death from NPC).

Quest summary:

  1. Talk to her at the hut at Stormhill in Limgrave.
  2. Find the keepsake of the dolls in Castle Stormveil and give it to Roderika.
  3. Talk to her and the blacksmith Hewg several times in the Round Table Hold.
  4. Go back to where you found the Keepsake of the Dolls for a new item.
  5. Later in the main quest, she asks you to convince Hewg to leave the Round Table.

D, hunter of the dead

Can you miss the quest? no

Can you fail the quest? No (excludes death from NPC).

Quest summary:

  1. Speak to him in Stormhill, beyond the Holy Bridge.
  2. Defeat the enemies and the boss in Deadwater Village.
  3. Go back to D to continue the quest.
  4. Find the hidden teleporter and talk to Gurranq.
  5. D is now in Round Table Hold.
  6. Play Fia’s Quest until you get the dagger. Give the D
  7. Rest at a place of mercy and find D next to Fia in a new room in Round Table Keep. Take his armor.
  8. Talk to D’s brother in front of the Great Falls basin in Nokron and give him the armor.
  9. At the end of Fia’s quest, you’ll find D’s brother at the Death Prince’s throne.

Gurranq, the beast cleric

Can you miss the quest? no

Can you fail the quest? No (excludes death from NPC).

Quest summary:

  1. Talk to him in the Sanctuary of Beasts (also happens in D’s quest).
  2. Give him 4 Deathroots. Then he is an opponent.
  3. Fight him until he calms down.
  4. Give him 5 more Deathroots.

Here’s how to find all of the Deathroots in the game:

  1. Deathtouched Catacombs, in Limgrave by Stormhill.
  2. Ebon Blade Catacombs in northeast Liurnia behind a false wall (also part of Fias and Rogier’s quest).
  3. Mountaintop Catacombs, near the start point on Giant’s Mountaintop
  4. Tomb of the Hero of Gelmir, roughly in the middle of the Gelmir region
  5. Secret path to Haligbaum, at the end of an invisible bridge. You have to jump down onto them from the middle part of the main bridge.
  6. Boss drop in Deadwater Village, north-east Limgrave
  7. Boss drop in Wyndham Ruins, south of Gelmir
  8. Boss drop in east Liurnia, south of Place of Grace “Entrance to the Lecture Hall” and near Alexander’s position in his quest
  9. Boss drop on Giants’ Mountain, between the locations of grace “Primal Snow Valley – Overlook” and “Castle Sol – Main Gate”

The next page continues with Thops, Irina and Edgar, Hyetta, Kenneth and Ranni. Here’s one reason why Ranni’s quest is particularly worthwhile:

There’s an iconic weapon from Dark Souls in Elden Ring – no sword embodies the genre better

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