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Elden Ring could have been more difficult with Dark Souls mechanics, but FromSoftware decided to be nice to us

Elden Ring, the new from FromSoftware, is a ridiculously massive game, and yet we know that there are things that were left in the inkwell. After more than 250 hours playing it, I still discover things from him every time I go back to the Midlands, but also through the sources that tell us the things that didn’t make it into the title, and today we’re talking about more cut content.

Although a couple of months ago we talked about the possible bestiary that was left half-baked, today it’s time to look at a mechanic that could have made the successor to Dark Souls even more difficult. And is that if you think that Elden Ring does not forgive, imagine what it would be like if your weapons and armor could break.

Thanks to the efforts of JesterPatchesa dataminer who is dedicated to browsing the game files to discover things that the rest of us mortals cannot see, today we know that From had planned to rescue the team durability mechanic that we could see in Dark Souls.

According to the elden ring archivesthere were lines of text to alert the player that their weapons and armor were about to break or broken. With the classic “Armor at risk” or “Weapon broken”, which are found within the title’s warning files, we can see that From played with the idea that we had to take care of our belongings.

Personally, I think it’s better that they didn’t include it. While it is true that it could lead to a more immersive experience, I also think that in the end it would end up being more a nuisance what other thing. If already in Dark Souls it is something that is not paid much attention to, with everything that needs to be done in Elden Ring, I can see how in the end this would be an “Oops, I forgot to repair my equipment and they have broken in the middle of this boss fight.”

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