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Elden Ring

Elden Ring could have had more mounts, like flying monsters or Blaidd the half-wolf

Elden Ring hides many more secrets than can be found with the naked eye in the Middle Lands: the data miners They have been searching for hidden information and discarded content in FromSoftware’s internal game files for months, something thanks to which we have been able to discover the famous coliseums that could belong to a DLC or even chains of missions that have not made it to the final game. Now a new video shows us that there is a cropped mechanic: the mount.

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Though Elden Ring has a mount, Torrentera, Zullie the Witch’s new video reveals that this system could have been much deeper of what has ended up being in the commercial version of the game: as you can see in the video inserted below these lines, in the files of Elden Ring can be found references to discarded mounts thanks to some creatures and NPCs having parts in their code that are related to this mechanic.

Could we ride Blaidd the half-wolf?

As Zullie explains, the appearance of this type of detail in character desEsports Extrasdoes not mean that they are all discarded mounts. For example, in the video we see how the character mounts Blaidd the half-wolf, one of the best-known characters in Elden Ring. Does this mean that we will be able to use it as a mount? It doesn’t have to, since what has been found is a function that would allow it to interact with other objects, although by modifying certain aspects we can really ride on its back.

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All we see in the video are tracks suggesting that FromSoftware had worked on a much deeper mount system than what we see in the final version of Elden Ringwith more variety of creatures in which to move and even with the possibility of that some NPCs like merchants could ride others to move around the map. At the moment they seem discarded functions, but who knows if they could not arrive in one of the next updates in which the study has confirmed that it works.

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Even without these additional mechanics, Elden Ring is already “one of the greatest adventures of our lives”, as we told you in his analysis. If you want to delve into it, do not forget to have our guide at hand.

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