Elden Ring debuts patch 1.03, nerfing the game’s most popular weapons, summons, and ashes of war

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Since the release of Elden Ring, there have been several patches released that bring various fixes and modifications to the action RPG. Especially looking to get rid of bugs, it was still a little early to see how From Software was looking to balance the game.

Today we have to talk about version 1.03, which in addition to repairing some bugs outside the game, seeks to balance some of its objects so that the game experience is more rounded, although this comes at the expense of some of the favorite resources of the players.

Starting with the most important, from the Japanese studio they have decided that the spirit of the Mimetic Tear, one of the most popular in the game for its great power and versatility, needed some adjustments. According to the patch notes, its attack power has been reduced and it has undergone changes in its artificial intelligence, although we do not know what kind.

On the other hand, the Ice Ax has also had changes. This weapon was a favorite of speedrunners for being powerful and having one of the most broken special moves in the game, but also easy to get early. It is not the only weapon that has undergone changes, but the patch notes do not specify which ones have been adjusted. On top of that, other ashes have also seen adjustments, while some spells now consume less CP.

On the other hand, not everything is nerfs. This new update has brought changes to forge stones, which have seen your drop chance increased, as well as adding them to some shops from the beginning of the game. This comes in handy, as the amount of them needed to raise weapons is high and their scarcity at the beginning of the game was very palpable, making it difficult to experiment with more weapons and vary builds in the early stages of Elden Ring.

In addition to this, added a new NPC: Jar-Bairn. Other characters in the game have seen their missions expanded. We will have new steps in the adventures of Diallos, Nepheli Loux, Kenneth Haight, and Gostoc. As expected, the patch notes do not reveal what these additions consist of.Elden Ring

As far as fixes go, this is not the patch that will bring to the table the coveted performance improvements that players on all platforms, but especially PC, have been waiting for weeks for (although yes he cites some fixes about it). Certain bugs, such as one that prevented players from getting items after defeating a boss, or incorrect scaling on some weapons, have been fixed.

Overall, this patch is not one that is going to drastically change the gaming experience.but its modifications are interesting, especially at the level of balancing objects and weapons. FromSoftware and Bandai Namco are still working on making Elden Ring as rounded an experience as possible, though we still have to wait to see its full potential.

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