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Elden Ring fan finds disgusting crafting item in (real) nature and it’s pure horror

There are many spooky designs in Elden Ring, but there is a very similar Eye Fruit in the game as well.

There are many spooky designs in Elden Ring, but there is a very similar Eye Fruit in the game as well.

Elden Ring developer studio FromSoftware is known to be good at dreaming up the grotesque. The best example of this is the transplants, which produce eerie body horror creatures with far too many chaotically assembled limbs.

For a crafting item that also looks pretty spooky, From probably took inspiration from real nature. A fruit that looks like monster eyes really does exist. A fan shows a “proof photo” on Reddit.


Eye fruit from Elden Ring probably had a real model

The game item in question is called the “Eye of Yelough” and is used to craft meats that give you certain buffs. In the inventory picture, the item looks like a cluster of red and pus-filled eyeballs.

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However, in the description you can read that it is also a branch with bush fruits in the game. If you don’t remember what the item looks like, you can refresh your memory here:


This is what Yelough's eye looks like in-game.

This is what Yelough’s eye looks like in-game.

The real-life eye fruit: On Reddit, user Kullthebarbarian posted a photo with the caption: “Eye of Yelough in real life (guaraná fruit)”. Visible underneath is what at first glance does indeed appear to be a wild array of staring eyes; even if the purulent substance of the game item is missing here, it’s pretty scary.

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Do you feel like you’re being watched too?


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What kind of fruit is this?

You have probably heard of Guaraná as a stimulant, because the seeds of the plants contain caffeine and are used in drinks, for example (via Wikipedia). But you probably wouldn’t have thought that the fruit would look so “extravagant”.


The plant grows in the Amazon region of South America. From the comments, Kullthebarbarian, the user who posted the picture, is from Brazil. The Elden Ring fan explains that Guaraná is “big” there.

How do you like this fruit? Did you know that Guarana fruit looks like this and did you notice the similarity to the Elden Ring item?