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Elden Ring

Elden Ring: Finding a Wand and Learning Spells – The Beginner’s Guide for Mages


In addition to classic melee and ranged combat with real weapons, there are also spells in Elden Ring. In this guide, we’ll show you which starting class is best, where to find a wand, and where to learn new spells.

How magic works in Elden Ring: In order to cast spells in the Elden Ring, you must consider several factors.

  • You need a wand.
  • You must find and equip a spell.
  • You must follow the basic attribute requirements for spells and wands.

The most important factor in your skill are the attributes, which you can increase with each level-up. For spells, two of them are particularly important:

  • Ghost: This attribute determines how many Skill Points (FP) you have. It’s basically just the mana you need to cast spells and weapon skills.
  • Wisdom: This attribute increases your magic damage and determines which wands and spells you can equip. There are also weapons that benefit from Wisdom, which primarily deal magic damage.

So if you want to start with a mage right at the start, your class choice is directly decisive. We’ll tell you here which classes are best suited, where you can get your first magic wand and how you learn new magic.

The best class for aspiring magicians

You should choose these classes: Elden Ring has 10 classes to choose from at launch. Each of these classes has a different distribution of the main attributes.

If we consider the attributes mentioned above, two of the classes that you should start with as a magician come directly into question:

  • Astrologer: This class has the highest Spirit and Wisdom stats you can have at launch. On top of that, she comes equipped with a wand and spells right out of the box. So if you know exactly that you want to play as a full-fledged magician and only want to use weapons secondarily, the astrologer is the right choice for you.
  • Prisoner: This is more of a hybrid class that can use both weapons and spells. This enables a high wisdom value, in combination with a high skill attribute, which above all enables the use of light and fast weapons. So if you want to use both physical combat and magic, you should choose this class.

However, it can happen that players start the game with a different class and then still want to try out spells without restarting. But what if you don’t have a magic wand?

Elden Ring – The best classes for beginners, intermediate and experts

This is how you can find a wand early in the Elden Ring

One of the best locations to get to early on is Demihuman Forest Ruins. It is located in the southern part of Limgrave.

  • Head southeast from the tutorial dungeon until you come to a large bridge.
  • Cross it while watching out for enemy ballista gunners stationed on the bridge. When you are on the other side, turn right, heading west.
  • There you should come across the ruins just before the edge of the cliff and the queen of the demi-humans awaits you.
  • She’s not really a mini-boss, but she packs a punch. So be careful when fighting and make sure you have at least a few attributes put into Vitality already.
  • Lure the smaller opponents away from the queen and finish them off first. Uses the ruins as cover from her magical ranged attacks.

Once you have defeated the queen, you will receive the staff of the demi-human queen:

If you’re having trouble with the boss fight and still want to level up, here’s the best way to start leveling up quickly and farming runes.

How to use the staff: Like a weapon, shield, or torch, you must equip the wand in one hand. To do this, you must include spells in a place of grace in your selection.

You brought 10 Wisdom and 6 Strength to use the staff.

If you have equipped the spells, they will now be displayed on the quick selection.

If you haven’t found any spells by this point, don’t worry. The first source of spells is not far from the starting point of the game.

The first spell teacher is hiding in a dungeon

Here’s how to find the first spell teacher: You need to find the ruins of a waypoint, which are east of the tutorial dungeon, on the other side of the lake.

Watch out for the enemies there. These are plant monsters that attack you with poison attacks. A particularly large specimen also has a magic ranged attack, for which it does not necessarily have to see you.

So try to stay away from them. The entrance you are looking for there is in the center of the ruins. There you will meet an optional mini-boss. He wears a strange, oval-shaped helmet and attacks you with a heavy club.

  • Stick close to one of his feet and block his attacks. If he pauses to launch a heavy attack, you should use the time and attack yourself.
  • The monster is surprisingly fast, so be careful and use your stamina to avoid being left vulnerable if you hit it.
  • The boss is melee focused and his attack pattern is relatively predictable. So try to memorize his attacks and you shouldn’t have much trouble with him.

Once you’ve killed the boss, you get his helmet and can rest at the place of mercy. Then open the locked door in the boss room and behind it you will find the sorceress Sellen. If you agree to her request, she is now a spell merchant.

At first you get relatively simple spells, but as you progress you can unlock more and more powerful spells of different kinds.

Here’s why spells are useful in Elden Ring:

  • First off, spells are powerful weapons against most enemies.
  • A big benefit is the flexibility you get as you collect more spells over time.
  • Most spells also have a long range, which can be used to keep opponents at a distance.
  • Spells are not only offensive, they can also be supportive or enhance your normal weapons with various effects.

There are of course also disadvantages. To build an effective spell build, you must first have useful spells. On top of that, you need to level up your Spirit and Wisdom attributes to use the best spells and even have enough FP to cast them.

So if you are more into physical weapons and just want to play spells as well, you should only do this later in the game when the other attributes have been increased sufficiently.

Here is also a video from the Garden of Eyes YouTube channel showing you all the spells available in the Elden Ring:

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But if you are a real fan of magic and spells and really want to use them, you have to put up with a limited selection of spells at the start. Still, you can play with spells effectively early on.

In the later course of the game you will finally find a huge selection. For example, there are special sword and bow magics that can almost be used as a substitute for conventional weapons if you have enough FP and FP potions.

Are you already a wizard in Elden Ring? Or are you more for physical confrontations? Maybe you also like the hybrid option, in which you combine both ways of playing?

If you’re looking for more tips for getting started in the Elden Ring, check out our 12 tips and tricks beginner’s guide.

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