Elden Ring: FromSoftware would have made a big decision, the DLC transformed

elden ring: fromsoftware would have made a big decision, the

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Elden Ring: FromSoftware would have made a big decision, the DLC transformed

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FromSoftware had presumably planned to release an Elden Ring Season Pass containing two DLCs. It would have been canceled without explanation.

If you don’t have much time to play video games, finish Elden Ring 100% can take you a lifetime. FromSoftware’s title released in February 2022 offers an adventure of rare density, even for a game from the Japanese studio. Over 20 million players have already immersed themselves in the Underworld and its rich open areas. After months of suspense, FromSoftware has officially announced that they are working on a DLC ofElden Ring last February, just to prolong the pleasure. We don’t know much about him at the moment, except his name: The Shadow of the World Tree. This additional content should offer a good number of additional hours of play, as is often the case with studio expansions. FromSoftware could even have offered two DLCs, according to insider Lance McDonald.

Two Elden Ring DLCs that become one

Lance McDonald is a pretty reliable insider in the video game industry. In a Discord exchange relayed on Reddit, this one indicates that FromSoftware had planned to release a Season Pass ofElden Ring including two DLCs. Finally, the Japanese studio would have decided to merge the two additional contents to create a single, more massive one: The Shadow of the World Tree. Lance McDonald isn’t sure exactly when the release of the Season Pass containing two expansions was canceled, but he claims that its release was well planned by FromSoftware. The Colosseums, added free to the game at the end of last year, were to be part of this Season Pass (as a reminder, the Colosseums allow players to compete in PvP).

A generous DLC available at the beginning of 2024?

If the two originally planned DLCs have merged well, as Lance McDonald points out, players shouldn’t miss any content developed by FromSoftware. Despite everything, there is nothing to confirm that the developers have not made a cut in this additional content which promises to be particularly dense. The hypothesis of a canceled Season Pass seems in any case credible, especially in view of the recent financial report of Kadokawa Corp, parent company of FromSoftware. It demonstrated the band’s desire to capitalize on the success of Elden Ring over the long term, potentially with several expansions. The report also told us that the DLC The Shadow of the World Treecould be released at the end of 2023. Fans are still waiting to discover the first images of the game. For its part, FromSoftware must surely focus on the end of the development ofArmored Core VI: Fires of Rubiconscheduled for August 25.

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