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Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a new speedrun record – Only took 12 minutes and one boss

And again there is a new speed run record for Elden Ring. The open-world game offers hundreds of hours of gameplay, but it can still be completed extremely quickly. For the latest record, the player only really had to defeat one boss.

This is the new best time: With 12 minutes and 13 seconds, the player Distortion2 set the new best time for Elden Ring. Only shortly before he had caused a sensation with a record of 12 minutes and 32 seconds. A month ago the record was 37 minutes.

It is a so-called “Any%” run, in which everything is allowed that the game offers in terms of possibilities. Dying and other things are allowed, but usually lead to a restart anyway, since a respawn eats up too much time.

Only Malekith had to be put out of the way for the record

This is how he did it:

  • As in numerous other speedruns, Distortion2 started with the Samurai class.
  • He also used a so-called “zip” or “meta zip” glitch to skip areas.
  • This glitch is complicated to execute, but it’s crucial for speedruns like this. The player used an acoustic signal to get the timing right.
  • With the right timing and the correct input at the right time, he can be dragged across the map like on a zipline. So he skips whole regions like Limgrave or Liurnia.
  • He did without any upgrades or level-ups.

Here you can watch it in the video:

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After the tutorial he uses the zip glitch to get all the way to Liurnia. There he collects the ice axe, because this weapon is important for the rest of the speedrun.

He then slips his way through until he ends up in Farum Azula. Here he has to fight against the only boss of the whole speedrun: Malektih.

Thanks to routine, he manages this quite easily despite his starting character, because the skill of the ice ax is extremely useful for this. Then we continue with the zipline and what he says is probably the hardest part begins.

In front of the gate to the final boss, he glides through the ground again with the zipline. That costs him a few tries. When it finally works, he ends up in a boss fight with Godfrey. But suddenly the echo of the final boss appears in his inventory and the speedrun is successful.

If you look at the run, you can see how experienced the player is. Because many of the steps require a very quick sequence of key combinations. Timing and perfection are crucial.

“I can’t believe this game has been dismantled faster than any other Souls game”

Here’s how the community is reacting: Below the video, the players are impressed. Many have just marveled at an older record that was set just a day earlier and are surprised that it has already been beaten.

Many also compare the speedruns to those from other FromSoftware games and are surprised at how fast Elden Ring goes, even though the game is many times larger than, say, Dark Souls 2: “I can’t believe this game breaks down more than any other Souls game. That’s faster than the fastest DS2 speedrun. Nice job!” – chasetheman

Other speedrunners also commented on this record and are now aiming for the first sub-10-minute run.

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Why are speedruns so popular in the community? For one thing, speedrunners like to push the mechanics of a game to the limit and see what’s actually possible.

On the other hand, of course, it’s about being the fastest and setting records. Especially with games from FromSoftware like Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodborne or Sekiro there is an active speedrunner community with a wide variety of variants. This is where the appeal comes in, as these games have a reputation for being particularly challenging.

The most common are the Any% runs, but the possibilities are virtually endless. For example, there are speedrunners who complete the game without dying.

Some play the games with special controllers such as musical instruments or dance controls. The players roll over with new personal bests. There may be a new one as I write this article.

But what do you think of speed runs? Do you find this interesting? Or can you not do anything with it? Do you watch it or maybe even try it yourself?

There was also news about Dark Souls recently: The Steam server for the Dark Souls games has been offline for months – now players fear it will stay that way

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