Elden Ring has a reference to The Last of Us recognized by the Naughty Dog director himself

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The release of Elden Ring is breaking down barriers and making such a niche genre in its early days become extremely popular. The title of FromSoftware accumulates an enviable sales success, and the impact it is leaving in recent weeks is permeating the entire video game industry.

Be careful, we have to make a warning before you continue reading: what we are here to tell you today can be considered spoilers because it teaches something that we find ourselves playing Miyazaki’s work, so we recommend you not continue if you want to discover on your own the objects that you can get.


Neil Druckmann has been sharing his game for daysAs we say, many names in the industry are testing or talking about the game, and the director of Naughty Dog and author of The Last of Us Neil Druckman is not an exception. The creative has been sharing images and videos of his departure to Elden Ring for several days on his official Twitter account. Twitterand there is a curious detail that links the two sagas.

The character that Druckmann has chosen is dressed in different ways as he advances in his adventure, but there is a set of armor that seems to make a clear reference to clickers of the saga starring Joel and Ellie. The director himself has put it on and has published a message where he accompanies an image with the text “click click click”, referring to the sound made by this type of infected in The Last of Us.


This mushroom equipment can be found in the Elden Ring and increases resistance stats, as well as providing some immunity. There are users who have said that the appearance can look more like a pufferother larger enemies from The Last of Us with a higher level of buds on their body, but the thing is that Druckmann is focused on clickers, describing Caelid in another tweet like ‘Clicker Land’.

Beyond this curious detail, we have learned more remarkable things in recent days in relation to Elden Ring. For example, a person is defeating bosses using the ring from Ring Fit Adventure, and we’ve already seen the first speedruns in which some players manage to complete the game in two and a half hours and without dying, a feat within the reach of very few.

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