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Elden Ring

Elden Ring: How to get to the snow area?

In Elden Ring, The Between Lands consists of various paths and places to get lost. However, in order to advance and prove oneself as a Tainted, one must gain access to the snowy terrain of Elden Ring. We’ll show you how to get there.

How do I get to the snow area? To advance further in the world of Elden Ring, one must go through the snowy terrain. However, the area is divided into two levels and separated from each other. So you need Key Objects to gain access to these places.

Once you have defeated Morgott, King of the Mark, in the capital city of Leyndell, head to the Street Balcony Place of Mercy. From there, go up the stairs to the southeast and follow the road east until you see a huge closed gate.

You can open this gate and venture further out of town towards the snow area. Follow the path past enemies, up the stairs until you come to an elevator. You drive this up. At the top you have to cross the tower crossing further east and take a new elevator down.

Elden Ring Forbidden Lands
From there, follow the path to Rold’s elevator

Now you have arrived at the place of mercy “Forbidden Lands”. You take your horse and traverse the blizzard until you arrive at a huge hall where Rold’s elevator is located.

This elevator will take you to the two snowy areas, but you’ll need two different medallions to access both locations. These are the key objects:

  • Locket by Rold
    • Received after killing Morgott, the Mark King. Talk to Melina in the place of mercy “Elden Throne”. She will give you further instructions and the medallion.
  • Secret Haligbaum Medallion (left)
    • You get it in the snowy area after taking the elevator and Rold’s medallion to the top. Explore the area until you get to Sol Castle. Defeat the area boss there and head north from the boss arena until you come to an elevator. This takes you to the highest tower of the castle, in which there is a chest with the medallion.
  • Secret Haligbaum Medallion (right)
    • You can get the last piece of the medallion in the place of grace “Village of the Albinaurics”. Once there, follow the up east past a perfumer. When you arrive at a coffin, look south, because there is an NPC disguised as a jug. This houses the right piece of the talisman.

If you now have both medallions, you can now choose at the big Rold elevator whether you want to travel to the mountain top of the giants or follow a secret path. The elevator will then take you either up or down.

This is how you get to the snowy area of ​​Elden Ring. Did you find the way without a guide and if so when did you discover that the big gate in Leyndell can be opened? Let us know in the comments!

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