Elden Ring includes a secret wall that can only be knocked down after pounding it with dozens of hits

The Elden Ring Midlands are so massive that it will probably take you several tens of hours to fully explore them during a normal game. Among all the mysteries and secrets that hides, the community has just discovered a somewhat peculiar one.

In From Software games it is common to run into false walls that lead to rooms or hidden paths. However, what makes the illusory wall that has now been discovered, which is in the Volcano Mansion, is the fact that only it collapses after hitting it a good handful of times.

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Some say than the wall it is destroyed after hitting it about 50 timesalthough there are other people who affirm that they have shattered it with fewer impacts by using a more powerful weapon. In fact, there is even another user who assures that it is not a question of the number of blows, but that the wall has a certain amount of lifehence the number of sword strikes varies for each other.

The exploration of the Elden Ring is unrivaled: it's on par with (or even above) Subnautica and The Legend of Zelda.

In any case, the best thing is that you see the following video that shows exactly what the process is like and what happens to the wall in question.

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What has left the community so surprised is that this wall does not disappear like all the others and does not make any characteristic sounds either when it collapses, hence it is not clear whether it is a bug or a simple curiosity that From Software placed, because the room to which it leads can be accessed in another way more easily.

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Furthermore, the Polygon portal claims that this illusory wall reappears after having rested in a place of grace. Of course, this situation makes one doubt whether there will be more walls of this type in more areas of the game, but personally I would be surprised if someone has enough patience to try to discover it.

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