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Elden Ring

Elden Ring is cute in diorama form: this is the Middle Lands as you’ve never seen them before

As beautiful as the Midlands are, the world of the Elden Ring can be a bit intimidating if you approach it from your character’s default point of view. The big, beautiful landscapes on it are some of the most beautiful we’ve seen in video games, and a change of perspective it just enhances that.

Today we have the case of the content creator Flurdeh, whose mission is to show us the virtual worlds that we like so much from another point of view. Using a technique known as tilt shift (or diorama effect), has approached Elden Ring to teach us that it can also feel cute.

Obviously this is not possible without mods. Apart from his knowledge in photography and his artistic vision, this YouTuber used the photo mode created by Otis_Inf that we told you about last month. The result is simply spectacularand one of the most unique things we’ve seen in Elden Ring since its release.

Apart from using diorama effects in the game, Flurdeh has another impressive video exploring all the landscapes in the game from completely different points of view than we usually see, albeit from a way more cinematic. If you’ve already beaten the game, I highly recommend watching it.

From beating the game in under 9 minutes to creating an illustrated diary for your adventures, Elden Ring continues to be one of the most relevant video games of the year. Although LEGO has snatched the best-selling game position, it is clear that we are facing a phenomenon that has marked 2022.

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