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Elden Ring

Elden Ring: MissMikkaa defeats Boss on a dance mat

The concept is completely new to use the dance mat as a controller not, but still amazing every time. Similar to Rudeism already played Dark Souls 3 on dance mats in 2016 has, tries Streamer MissMikkaa now on Elden ring on the dance mat – and is very successful with it.

MissMikkaa’s arduous road to success

First, full-time streamer MissMikkaa has “Elden Ring” with just one hand on one PlayStation 5 Played through the controller. Apparently that wasn’t enough of a challenge for her, because she’s currently playing the game again on a dance mat through.


With a lot of effort and perseverance, she finally managed to defeat one of the dreaded bosses in “Elden Ring”: Malenia, Miquella’s blade.

The first phase of the fight brings them singing and casually tap-dancing on the dance mat behind, you can tell they’ve been in the fight one routine has developed. In the following cutscene, she rests her feet again before it really gets down to business.

Then the begins second phase of the fight and MissMikkaa is momentarily upset when her dog starts barking. Ultimately, though, this is the run she should finally defeat Malenia in.


After the last punch and the unique sound you hear when the opponent is defeated, MissMikkaa jumps in the air for joy and then has to sit down first.

But success does not come without work: overall, the streamer 6 hours and 84 attempts spent beating down the boss on the dance mat. And her reaction is the same: she says her whole body is shaking and she can’t believe she made it.

And that won’t be the last grueling match MissMikkaa will face armed with nothing but a dance mat.


Do you also find it so remarkable to be able to beat a game like “Elden Ring” in this way? Feel free to write your opinion in the Comments!