Elden Ring planned to have a season pass with 2 expansions

elden ring planned to have a season pass with 2

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Elden Ring planned to have a season pass with 2 expansions

Instead we will receive only one DLC but with a large amount of content.

Elden Ring planned to have a season pass with 2 expansions
The Elden Ring DLC ​​is one of the most anticipated today.

FromSoftware is one of the developers of the moment, which has practically managed to create one of the most popular genres today, with Elden Ring as its centerpiece. It is not for less, we are talking about GOTY 2022, in addition to a title that is already considered one of the best games in history. We are currently waiting for the DLC of this video game to reach us, which still does not have an official release date. Now we have been able to know by the hand of a renowned insider dedicated to FromSoftware.

Specifically, we are talking, as reported by GamingBolt, about Lance McDonald, known insider for his great sources if we talk about the aforementioned Japanese study. Now, in discord, he has shared information about plans that did not materialize for Elden Ring. These messages have been shared through Reddit, so we can know this information despite not being on the server in question.

Elden ring was supposed to have 2 DLCs but From soft ended up merging them into one big expansion, has been in the works since at least Jan 2022
byu/ApprehensiveTop8927 in GamingLeaksAndRumours

Elden Ring should have been released with a season pass for 2 DLCs that would have arrived soon. It was 100% planned. No idea when exactly it was cancelled, it just never happened and then the coliseums would show up for free by surprise.

In addition to this, his own Lance explains that the situation is similar to what happened with Bloodborne., a game that instead of receiving two DLCs, as was common in this company’s games, only provided us with paid downloadable content, which turned out to be very complete. Because of this, we hope that the only DLC turned out to be massive, after the cancellation of the aforementioned season pass.

One DLC instead of two

As we have said, ultimately we will receive a single DLC instead of two separate ones, in the style of what happened with Bloodborne, one of the best PS4 exclusives. In this sense, we hope that the example goes further, providing us with an experience as complete as its DLC.

still for now we will have to wait until we know more details about itfor which we still don’t have an official release date, nor do we know much about what it will add.

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