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Elden Ring

Elden Ring: Player argues with girlfriend because she finished faster – “Didn’t play right!”

Elden Ring not only causes discussions in the community about the way of playing, these controversies can also arise in friendships and relationships. A player posted their case on the AmItheAsshole? subreddit, sparking discussion on Twitter.

What is this subreddit? Translated, the name means something like “Am I the asshole?”. Appropriately for the name, people post their fights and arguments on the reddit page when they are not so sure of their point of view.

One example that caused general amusement also fits into the usual discussion surrounding the action RPG: Is the Elden Ring really playable? In this case, a player describes the problem he has with his girlfriend.

This is the story behind it: According to the player, his girlfriend is actually a person who would mainly play “simpler” video games, such as Animal Crossing or Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In addition, she does not have much to do with gaming. He himself is a big “Soulslike” fan and has been waiting for Elden Ring for years.

Then watching him play Elden Ring reminded her of Breath of the Wild because of the open world. So she decided to try her luck herself, despite his warnings about the notorious difficulty. She dared to do it anyway and was successful.

Everything you need to know about multiplayer in Elden Ring

Debate over gameplay sparks relationship strife “I don’t think you could have done it without help.”

Here’s the main problem, says the user: “I work a lot and she’s studying, so she’s had more time to play than I have in the past few weeks.” As long as she doesn’t spoil him, he was okay with it, “although I thought so that she gives up early.”

One day, during her lunch break, she called him and enthusiastically announced that she was done with the Elden Ring. He didn’t believe her at first and suspected that it must be the first or second boss she’s managed. But at home he could see that she had already started the New Game Plus.

When he found out that she had used magic and co-op summons, everything was clear to him: “That explains it, I don’t think you could have done it without help.”

This is where the argument started. He told her these things are largely used to play in easy mode. He doubted she could do it with the “right way of playing”, solo and in melee.

Now she’s mad at him and accuses him of being condescending and that these things are implemented in the game for a reason, namely so that you can use them.

We continued to argue and she accused me of being insecure because she completed the game before me. I insisted that she didn’t really nail the game, that she just had more time to play, and that I’m playing it the way it was meant to be played. So am I the asshole?

Incidentally, it is not known how it went beyond that. But the answer to his question is pretty clearly answered on Twitter.

“I never understood why you should ignore half the features”

The post can no longer be found in the subreddit, but a screenshot of it has ended up on Twitter. Under the post from SlainUnkorn, the girlfriend of the self-proclaimed Souls expert receives a lot of support.

SlainUnikorn comments like that: “If you want to make the game harder for yourself by playing a certain way, go ahead, I do that all the time. But don’t belittle the achievements of others. If they beat the game with the resources given to them, they made it, period.”

Most of the now more than 2000 retweets go in a similar direction. Many like magic and the way it is played.

Mgillis29 describes what many say about the friend’s arguments: “I never understood the argument ‘You don’t play well unless you ignore half the features.'”

The debate is not new and flares up again and again in the community based on such examples.

We also talked about the topic in a podcast episode:

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“Git gud” vs. “Play as you wish” – The debate continues

The debate about the “right” way of playing has now become charged. A large part of the players believe that any means that the developers provide with the game is allowed.

But a small, die-hard, and vocal core of the community that’s been around since Dark Souls 1 still holds the ironclad stance: “Get better or die alone.”

Any tool that makes the game even a 1/110th easier is considered taboo by a few, and those who use it won’t play the game as intended.

Our author Marko Jevtic has also commented on the topic with reference to PvP:

In Elden Ring PvP, play everyone with honor – Then I can kill you better

This not only contradicts the logic that the features were deliberately built in by the developers, but also another principle that the Souls community actually stands for: “Jolly Cooperation”.

Because cooperation actually comes first and has the highest priority in the community. Players support each other with guides, build tips, and all other complicated Elden Ring mechanics.

But above all, it’s the tough boss fights: In Elden Ring, players kill one of the most annoying bosses naked for others – it’s now being celebrated for it


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