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Elden Ring releases its patch 1.07, which is full of mysteries, rumors and references to great promises

Almost 8 months have already passed since the launch of the year. Elden Ring came with still more force than we expected and wowed the world with its huge map, tricky bosses, and narrative characteristic of the works of Hidetaka Miyazaki. Of course, it was missing one thing: ray tracing, and it seems that this will come soon.

Yes ok the 1.07 update It is not the one that brings lighting technology to FromSoftware’s video game, it is preparing the ground for it, or at least that is what we can intuit by poking around a bit in its lines of code, as fans of the game are doing.

As revealed by the tweeter lance mcdonaldpopular in From game mining circles, thanks to the work of sennoutanteithere are parts of the code that allude to ray tracing. These text boxes indicate that the feature is still being worked on, and is something that should come to the game sooner or later.

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco talked, in one of their first patches, about the ray tracing it’s something they want to add to their game, but that would come later. After months and months without newsit is refreshing to know that this implementation has not been left out.

On the other hand, there has also been a reference to new lines of text within the game that still do not have anything inside, but that would have the function of explanatory boxes on the loading screens. This can mean anything from new mechanics to text that expands the world of FromSoftware, which has blown the imagination of many.

The last detail, pointed out by Lance McDonald, that has made people rise from their seats is the fact that, apparently, there are lines that allude to missing zones currently in the title. This has fueled the suspicions of soulslike fans, who are urgently awaiting the announcement of a DLC. Will we see anything new during this year’s Game Awards?


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