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Elden Ring: Solve Nephelis Quest (Walkthrough/German)

Nepheli Loux is an NPC in Elden Ring for which you can solve a multi-part quest line. You can meet the warrior at different points in the game and complete her mission in different ways. In our walkthrough we tell you how you can solve Nepheli’s quest and what happens when you give her Seluvis’ potion.


Nepheli in Castle Stormveil

You can meet Nepheli for the first time in Castle Stormveil. East of the Place of Grace “Chamber on the Elevator Side” you can enter a side room on the right on the long path that leads you to the big troll on the stairs, where Nepheli is standing with a dead knight.

Shortly before Godrick you can meet Nepheli for the first time in Stormveil Castle (Source: Screenshot Esports Extras).
Shortly before Godrick you can meet Nepheli for the first time in Castle Stormveil (Image source: Screenshot Esports Extras)

Speak to Nepheli and exhaust all dialogues. So you can then summon to help fight Godrick the Transplant. Her golden reputation icon is right outside the boss area.

Nepheli in the Keep of the Round Table

After defeating Godrick and speaking to Gideon Ofnir for the first time in the Library of Round Table, Nepheli will appear in front of Gideon’s room. She stands diagonally across from Ensha. If you don’t see it, make sure to reload the Keep Round Table after your first conversation with Gideon. You may also need to rest at least 1 time at the Place of Mercy, which is unlocked in the boss area after defeating Godrick.

Nepheli's first location in the Round Table Keep (Source: Screenshot Esports Extras).
Nepheli’s first location in Round Table Hold (Image source: Screenshot Esports Extras)

Speak to Nepheli here to have her give you the Arsenal Talisman as a reward for defeating Godrick. This increases your maximum equipment weight.

Nepheli in the village of the Albinaurics

Next time you can see Nepheli at the entrance to the Village of the Albinaurics in the southwest of Liurnia meeting. You can reach the village by riding into the dark area under the mountain. Then run up the wall on the left to the village. On the way there you will automatically pass Nepheli, who is kneeling on the left under the large bridge by a light source.

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The village of the Albinaurics is under the mountain, so it cannot be seen on the map from above (Source: Screenshot Esports Extras).
The Albinaurics’ village is under the mountain, so it can’t be seen on the map from above (Image source: Screenshot Esports Extras)

Exhaust all of Nepheli’s dialogues again and then fight your way through the village until you finally reach the boss “Malslayer” who is standing by the large campfire. Just before this boss fight you can do that again golden call sEsports Extrasof Nepheli activate it to help you in this fight.

Obtained Seluvis’ potion

Before you continue to pursue Nepheli’s quest, you should first talk to Seluvis. Pursue Rannis Quest and fight your way through the estate of Caria in the northwest of Liurnia. This will take you to the Three Sisters area with Ranni’s Tower. Speak to the witch at the top of the tower and offer her your services. Then you have to talk to the spectral forms of Iji, Blaidd and Seluvis in the tower.

The way to Rannis and Seluvis' tower (Source: Screenshot Esports Extras).
The path to Rannis and Seluvis’ tower (Image source: Screenshot Esports Extras)

After that you can now enter Seluvis’ Tower further south and talk to the magician here to start his quest. He gives you this Item “Seluvis’ Potion”which you are to administer to Nepheli.

Give potion to Nepheli or not?

Now return to the Round Table Fortress and go down the stairs at Blacksmith Hewg. Here Nepheli is kneeling by the wall on the left. She seems down and you don’t get much out of her. Therefore, speak to Gideon and select the dialogue option “Nepheli’s Despair”.

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You can then talk to Nepheli again and select the dialogue option “I heard from Gideon.” Now you can give the potion of Seluvis to Nepheli if you want. If you give the potion to Nepheli, she becomes unresponsive and leaves the Round Table. Her quest then ends at this point and you can later find her as a doll in Seluvis’ secret laboratory. If you want Nepheli’s Spirit Ash, you must give her the potion.

If you will not give the potion to Nepheli, talk to Gideon again and select the dialogue option “Show him Seluvis’ potion”. He then suggests that you let him have the potion so he can teach Seluvis a lesson. Note that you can also give Seluvis’ potion to the Dung Eater. This will give you the Dung Eater Doll. By the way, you can lie to Seluvis and continue his quest even if you haven’t given the potion to Nepheli.

Find Stormhawk King

In order to bring Nepheli’s quest to a happy ending, you must find the Stormhawk King. To do this, you must find a magic sword key and use it at the highest portal of the four bell towers in western Liurnia. This will take you back to the Chapel of Anticipation where the game started.


To the right of the entrance to the chapel there is a lattice door that is now open and will lead you upstairs where you can collect the Spirit Ashes from the Stormhawk King. By the way, you can also find the ashes of the storm falcon Deenh here.

This passage leads you to the Storm Falcon King (Source: Screenshot Esports Extras).
This passage will lead you to the Stormhawk King (Image source: Screenshot Esports Extras)

We also show you all the locations of magic sword keys and the portals in the following video.

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Find Nepheli and complete the quest

Now speak to Nepheli again and give her the Stormhawk King. She is very happy about it, but remains in the Round Table and the quest doesn’t seem to go any further. You can now summoned to fight the golden shadow of Godfrey in the Earth Tree Sanctum in Leyndell.


so that you Complete Nepheli’s Quest can, the following requirements must be met in the further course of the game:

  • Complete Kenneth Haight’s quest to the point where he is standing on the walls of his keep.
  • Talk to Gideon over Nepheli after giving her the Stormhawk King.
  • kills “Morgott, King of the Mark” at the Elden Throne in the royal capital of Leyndell.
  • Rest 1 time at the place of mercy “Godrick the Transplanted” in front of the throne room in Castle Stormveil after defeating Morgott. A teleportation there is not enough, you have to sit at the place of mercy at least once.

If all these requirements are met, Nepheli, Kenneth Haight and Gatekeeper Gostoc will now spawn in front of you in the throne room of Castle Stormveil. Gostoc and Kenneth’s presence is optional. If you killed her beforehand or didn’t complete her quests, you can still complete Nepheli’s quest.

Nepheli's quest ends in the throne room of Castle Stormveil (Source: Screenshot Esports Extras).
Nepheli’s quest ends in the throne room of Castle Stormveil (Image source: Screenshot Esports Extras)

Speak to Nepheli to complete her quest. As a reward, she will give you one of the ancient Dragonforge Stones, which you can use to upgrade your normal weapons to the highest level of +25.

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