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Elden Ring streamer only plays the game through telepathy


Elden Ring streamer only plays the game through telepathy

A steramer has come up with something very special for the Elden Ring.

A steramer has come up with something very special for the Elden Ring.

Most of us play Elden Ring with a controller, if you are particularly brave, you can also dare a little dance on the dance pad. We recently reported on a streamer who even uses both at the same time. Another player, on the other hand, completely dispenses with such common input devices and only controls her character in the action RPG by telepathy.

Streamer shows impressive challenge

Controlling a game with thoughts, how is that supposed to work? Streamer Perrikaryal hooked up to an EEG (electroencephalography) machine. That means she has electrodes attached to her head that connect to the device and measure her brain activity. Normally EEG is used for diagnosis, for example in neurological diseases, in this case it is used to match brain activity to specific commands in the game.

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You can watch the entire stream here:

Perrikaryal shows that the whole thing actually works live in front of the camera by standing up and letting her character attack without using a controller, keyboard or similar. The short clip on Twitter also shows her defeating the red wolf in Raya Lucaria’s academy.

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Check out other fun and awesome Elden Ring challenges like the playthrough where a streamer completes two game sessions at the same time using a controller and a dance mat:

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For this very specific challenge, the British-Canadian streamer, who has a Masters in Psychology, uses a magic build. Or, as she says herself when fighting Godrick, she relies on a “glass canon” strategy. This means that she doesn’t rely on a long life bar, but mainly puts her runes into attack power. In addition, she also relies on the support of Geisterash or helping NPCs. Still, the tech is pretty impressive.

What do you think of this challenge? Did you think it would all work?

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