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Elden Ring

Elden Ring surprises us even with its discarded ideas: this was this concoction made with NPC dreams

A special Soulsborne modder managed to activate this mechanic after digging through the closed beta files.

Although not even three months have passed since the release of Elden Ring, there is no doubt that users are squeezing all its possibilities. We have already seen players who perform true feats like beating a boss with your feet, completing the game without taking any damage, and even finishing the adventure in a kind of pacifist run. Beyond this, it seems that the game could have integrated mechanics that would have blown the minds of more than one person.

We are talking about the latest discovery of the modder Lance McDonald, who was already known on the net for specializing in content for Soulsborne. As the Extra Life companions initially point out, said user has found a discarded mechanic that allowed us collect the dreams from NPCs and give them to a specific character (and not currently available in the game) to do a concoction.

Elden Ring

You can see this demonstration in the video that heads this news, because McDonald has found this discarded idea after searching and activating some files of the closed beta by Elden Ring. As you can see, From Software had planned an option to collect dreams from sleeping animals, such as bears or wolves, with the intention of creating a potion that we would give away to other NPCs in the title. This would reveal their secretsalthough the modder’s brew did cause one merchant to start having nightmares.

There is no doubt that we will continue to meet interesting details of Elden Ring in the coming months and years, both those found in the final version of the game and those discovered in its internal files. That yes, the title is fantastic and extensive enough to activate our imagination, so it is not a surprise that we already think of a Soulslike set in USA or the same Elden Ring with classic RPG aesthetics. After all, we already told you in its analysis that From Software has created a world so unique that it is impossible not to get lost in it for hours.

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