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Elden Ring

Elden Ring: The complex story briefly explained

The story of Elden Ring is long and complicated. Instead of a number of cutscenes, direct dialogue and a clear plot, you have to rely largely on yourself and put the parts of the story together yourself. We at MeinMMO give you a brief overview of the main story here.

The story of Elden Ring is steeped in betrayal, war and death. This mixes with the slightly wacky style that FromSoftware’s dark fantasy worlds are known for.

But overall, the game world is more interested in hiding its secrets from you than simply presenting everything to you. Unlike The Witcher or Assassin’s Creed, there is no film-rich story.

We’re trying to summarize for you the backstory of Elden Ring as briefly as possible and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Spoiler notice: We’ve flagged major spoilers, but there are a few pieces of information in the text that you may not necessarily know at launch.

New trailer gives insight into the story of Elden Ring, the most anticipated RPG of the moment

The Between Lands and the Making of the Elden Ring

What is the in between? The game world is called the intermediate country. No one knows exactly where it is and how old the intermediate land is. One thing is certain: The land in between is older than the Elden ring and the earth tree that rises golden into the sky. But where do these come from?

What is the Elden Ring and where does it come from? At first we don’t know. The Higher Will is responsible for the creation of the Elden Ring. It’s a kind of deity.

The Higher Will sent a “Golden Star” to the land between. This star contained something important to the main story of Elden Ring and from which the Elden Ring is formed, but also a spoiler for the ending:

With the star came the Eldenbeast into the land between. This is the final boss that you must face after defeating Radagon.

This beast is the living incarnation of the Higher Will and, in a manner of speaking, the vessel for the “will” of Deity.

That which fell into the in-between with that star eventually became the Elden Ring. It was also forged from several powerful runes.

Each of these runes represents a kind of “law” that the world follows. This includes concepts such as death itself, represented by the rune of death. Thus, the ring has power over the all-determining laws that hold the land between together.

The Elden Ring was kept where the roots of the Earth Tree would later grow, beneath the royal capital of Lyndell. The tree was first created by the Elden Ring and the city was built on its roots. Tradition has it that life arose from the roots of this tree.

The mighty earth tree towers over the intermediate land.

But if you have paid attention, you will realize that this cannot be the case. For the life in the in-between already existed before the arrival of the Higher Will and the emergence of the Earth Tree.

The inhabitants of the intermediate country were not necessarily enthusiastic about the takeover of the higher will and initially resisted.

After the emergence of the Earth Tree and the Elden Ring, there were numerous major conflicts over this. Until finally the Two Fingers and the Golden Order, which represent the Higher Will, could take over.

The ReEsports Extrasof the Golden Order and the Two Fingers

It took more than a tree and the Elden Ring for the Higher Will to establish its power in the Between Lands. He himself cannot interact directly in physical form. This is where Queen Marika, the Eternal and the “Two Fingers” come into play; unusual creatures that look like a giant hand with only two fingers.

The Two Fingers are the only ones capable of communicating with the Higher Will. In order to interpret the “words” of the dumb two fingers, so-called finger readers are required.

These can translate the instructions of the higher will through the two fingers and thus became mouthpieces, almost prophets. Marika was recognized as “Celestial” (in English: Empyrian). These are beings chosen by the Two Fingers and thus by the Higher Will.

Thus she became the wearer of the Elden Ring, a kind of goddess and earthly representative of the Higher Will. She founded the Golden Order.

One of the few pictures that can be found of Marika.

Celestials are not necessarily blessed, however. During the game you will encounter several of them.

The Golden Order dealt mercilessly with anyone who did not submit to the Earth Tree and the Higher Will. Now the era of the Golden Order began and the Between Lands would receive their first Elden Lord.

The first Eldenlord and birth of the demigods

Queen Marika and the Golden Order ruled mercilessly and used martial methods against the enemies of the Earth Tree.

There were four major conflicts:

  • The war against the giants who possessed a flame capable of burning the Earth Tree.
  • The war against the dragons, who could even kill gods with their magic.
  • The war against the magic academy of Raya Lucaria with her moon queen Renalla and her brave knights united with the scholars of magic.
  • Godrick, the Storm King, rebelled against the Golden Order and sought dominion.

Marika needed a general, a king and a prince who could get her way. This is where Hoarah Loux, or Godfrey, came into play, first Elden Lord of the Between Lands and also Marika’s first husband. He was able to gradually knock down all enemies.

Elden Ring Godfrey
This is Godfrey, the first Elden Lord.

However, the war against Raya Lucaria was decided by Lord Radagon. He led the forces of the Golden Order against the Academy, but miraculously he and the Queen of the Moon fell in love.

The marriage has brought peace between the Academy and the Golden Order, at least temporarily.

Godfrey and Marika also had 3 children together, the first demigods you can meet in the game: Godwyn, Morgott and Mogh.

Also Radagon and Rennala had 3 children important to the story: Ranni, Radahn and Rykard.

The Exile of the Lord, the First Tainted, and the Destruction of the Elden Ring

The exact background is not clear, but at some point Elden Lord Godfrey was cast out by Marika and robbed of his mercy, so he was no longer favored by the Higher Will.

Marika deprived Godfrey of his honor and exiled the “treachery tainted” warrior with his people. Godfrey was thus the first Tainted and his followers are the rest who had to leave the country.

Any living being that loses grace and is no longer amenable to signs of the Earth Tree is considered lost in the world of Elden Ring, a living dead. Many of Godfrey’s followers also lost their grace and left the Between Lands. Until they are summoned by the Earth Tree again, they should never return.

Elden Ring: What is a Tainted One, and why doesn’t anyone like me?

Marika soon found a new husband and he was none other than Radagon, who was actually married to the Moon Queen Rennalla. The precise background to this is complicated and not clear.

Radagon simply abandoned the defection to Rennala, leaving her devastated and broken in her library. This also led to the civil war in Raya Lucaria’s academy, as the queen no longer showed any interest in ruling.

Marika and Radagon had two children together, Miquella and Malenia, during their mysterious marriage. Due to the circumstances of their parents, both demigods are said to be cursed. Miquella carries the curse of eternal childhood, while Malenia carries the eternal scarlet rot. Both were also chosen and worshiped as celestials.

These events and the betrayal of Rennala led to the first death of a demigod. Godwyn the Golden was killed by Black Blade assassins.

Shortly after her son’s death, Marika destroyed the Elden Ring. Radagon tried in vain to repair it. Queen Marika and Radagon disappeared without a trace that day and the Earth Tree has remained locked ever since.

Elden Ring Shatter

The War of the Demigods for the Great Runes

After the destruction of the Elden Ring, the world did not immediately collapse as one might think. Much more probably some time passed before the events in Elden Ring.

For the time being, a loose order remained, so the great towers that stand in the center of the inland around the ocean were built.

However, Marika left a huge power vacuum in her wake, which soon fueled the war over the Greater Runes. This war was called “The Shattering”. The demigods fought over the runes and seized their power. However, no new Elden Lord emerged from the conflict.

The opponents withdrew to their respective nests and brooded over their own madness. So the land languished long before it, until the day when you, the defiled one, have regained your grace and come back again. It is up to you what you do with this world. Will you become the next Elden Lord or Princess? Or are you breaking with the order?

Here we are through with the backstory. If you want more background on the Elden Rings story, we recommend this video by lore expert VaatiVidya, in which many connections are explained in more detail:

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This is how the story goes: Your goal as the Tainted is to find the necessary Greater Runes and put the Elden Ring back together. This is how the Golden Order should flourish again, at least if the Two Fingers have their way.

However, you quickly realize that none of the possible paths should be taken lightly and that your actions can also have an impact on your possible end.

On the way to your goal, the Earth Tree, you must collect several Greater Runes and burn the roots to get inside and claim the Elden Ring. You also face the insane demigods.

Or you make a different choice and may be surprised by a different ending. Which endings there are and how they differ, we have in another article for you:

Elden Ring: Unlock All Known Endings – One save saves you dozens of hours

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